discovering SereniTEA

Who would have thought that located just a couple of blocks away from my home is a place where one can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed customized tea?

This is one reason why I LOVE my neighborhood.

One of Metro Manila's smallest cities, San Juan, is quickly growing to be an ideal residential area due to its proximity to other key cities in the metro, a lot of food and shopping options and various places where its residents can unwind after a crazy day at work.

After a hearty seafood dinner last Friday, Paul and I wanted to hang out at a quiet place where we can talk and relax before heading home. Since, we didn't really feel like having coffee nor do we have enough room for dessert, I suddenly remembered a meeting that I had earlier that day when a colleague enthusiastically shared with us her newest discovery called Serenitea.

She told us that it's a cozy tea shop that serves really good freshly brewed teas. However, for those who wants the sweeter version, they also have milk teas and tea lattes available. I also mentioned that you can customized your tea here. After choosing your type of drink, you will then be asked to choose your preferred sugar level. When in doubt, just ask the server to give you a sample for you to gauge how sweet you would like your drink to be.

I was impressed with their long list of drinks! In fact, I really had a hard time choosing. Should I get the milk tea? or maybe I should take the healthy path and go for a freshly brewed tea? Healthy won once again and so I got the Gyokuro Genmaicha (Green Tea) (Php. 55 -- Hot, Php. 65 -- Cold) which is one of my favorite type of tea.

Before steeping my tea, my friendly server handed me a small taster cup and asked me if 25% sugar is ok for my taste. I took a slow sip and I really liked my tea! I gave her my approval and joined Paul who got us a small table by the door.

Unlike other tea houses which gives a very Japanese Zen feel, this one feels more Chinese as accentuated by the wooden frames with Chinese proverbs on the wall. They also have a community board with photos of their regular clients and a neat looking menu board on top of the counter. What they need is a WiFi connection and students and professionals can definitely spend the entire afternoon or evening here.

Finally, my drink, which was served on a tall plastic cup, has arrived. I took a sip and savored the taste of toasted rice and green tea which is the unique characteristic of Genmaicha.

SereniTEA is definitely a must-visit for all tea lovers out there. On my next visit, I'm trying the Strawberry Milk Tea together with their snacks such as the Pepper Tofu and Chicken Chops. YUM!

SereniTEA is located along J. Abad Santos cor V. Cruz, San Juan City. You may contact them at 3794166 for more inquiries.

Driving directions: Coming from Wilson, turn right upon seeing Alex III/Gloria Maris. Go straight, SereniTEA is right in front of Mann Hann.

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