Chocolate Banana Loaf by The Bald Baker

I love it when friends come to visit! Not only does it gives us the perfect excuse to eat out (not that we don't eat out regularly..) but we just love catching up with friends whom we haven't seen for years! Last week, fellow blogger B came to the Lion City to celebrate her birthday. We scheduled to meet up with her for late night dinner and drinks at Pizzeria Mozza.  Of course, when it's someone's birthday, you have to give her a present right? However, the birthday girl was the one who came with surprises for us!

the bald baker
It came in the form of this beautiful white box with a very clean (read: OC-friendly) logo type. OMG! It was from The Bald Baker, Cy Ynares, himself! I was so happy, I gave B a big bear hug. You see, I've never met The Bald Baker yet but I've been following stalking him on Instagram for many months now. It all began when I saw my friends posting photos of this delicious looking Banana Bread and you all know how much I love love love these loaves and breads. I did a little investigation and ... tadah! I was led to Cy's Instagram page.

Our late evening catch-up ended quite late so I decided to wait till the next day to do the grand "unboxing".  I tell you, I had to stop myself from digging in and wait for Paul as he was busy taking the perfect shot . Such torture as I could smell the sweet banana aroma since we removed the plastic wrap.

bald baker 1
Finally, Mr. Perfectionist is done and satisfied. As soon as he gave me the go signal, I took out the knife, made two thick slices and popped it in the oven for 5 minutes just to make it warm and moist. Just when I thought I can finally take my first bite, Paul saw how beautiful it even looked now that it's slightly baked. Again, another round of shots were taken as I stood impatiently at the side with a fork on my hand. Patience, as you can tell by now, is not my strongest virtue. Haha!

bald baker 2
He's finally done, a bit quicker this time around and that's when we each took our first bite. Ooohh! I love the soft, moist texture with that surprise coconut crunch in every slice. Honestly though, I would have preferred the banana flavor to be much stronger similar to how Manang would make her award-winning banana muffins before. The chocolate chip gave it more character and I love how the melted chocolate bits lingered a bit longer than the bread in my mouth.

Needless to say, it was worth the wait and anticipation. No wonder my friends all loved The Bald Baker's Chocolate Banana Loaf and I'm definitely joining the fan club right this minute.

To order: Email The Bald Baker at Follow Stalk him on Facebook and Instagram too! Teehee...

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