Singapore Food Festival 2015 in Clarke Quay

5 years ago, Paul and I came to Singapore for a week-long honeymoon. Friends and family actually questioned why we decided to stay that long. You see, for most tourists, they feel that the only thing you can really do in Singapore is to eat. Well, I have to say that that's right...and wrong. Right because Singapore is clearly the food mecca in Asia (okay fine, maybe Southeaast Asia) but aside from stuffing yourself silly with all the gastronomic options available here, there are a lot of places to see as well. We came to Singapore at a good time then. It was right at the tail-end of the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) which means most stores were giving out further reduction discounts and it was also when the Singapore Food Festival took place.

singapore favourite food 2015 2
Luck wasn't on my side though as I ended up with a terrible tummy ache which lasted all throughout the entire duration of our two week long honeymoon (we flew to Kuala Lumpur and stayed for a whole week too). So, instead of being able to eat a lot, I had to be extra cautious as one wrong move and off I go to the loo. *sigh* Nonetheless, we made sure to check out the Singapore Food Festival along Read Bridge in Clarke Quay.

singapore favourite food 2015
Fast forward to 2015, it's time once again for the Singapore Food Festival and there they are again in Clarke Quay! This time around, I went with a healthy stomach as Paul and I checked out the different stalls and the food items that they were selling. This year's theme was in line with SG50 so it was like a walk down memory lane to the old-style Ellenborough Hawker Market, which was a popular Teochew market in the olden days.

While there were a lot of stalls available, we carefully just chose a few to try for this 1st visit:

singapore favourite food 2015 4
Salted Egg Carrot Cake by Everything Foods
Wok-fried carrot cake is something that is very iconic to the Singapore hawker scene. Whether you like it white or black, this is one thing everyone enjoy a lot. However, it was my first time to try Salted Egg Carrot Cake and boy was I so excited!

singapore favourite food 2015 5
You see, I love anything with salted egg. As unhealthy as it may be, I really love the creamy savory flavor that could turn a regular dish into something special. Living in Singapore, I've had the privilege to try a myriad of salted egg dishes from potato chips to squid, from crabs to steamed buns! So how did this Salted Egg Carrot Cake fared? To be honest, it fell below our expectations. The flavor was so mild that I feel it was way too diluted. Thus, without any other flavorings or seasonings, it somehow left the carrot cake too bland to be fully enjoyed.

singapore favourite food 2015 9
Curry Fish Ball by Gold Bridge
This is a very popular snack from Hong Kong. Rich and spicy curry sauce cooked with plump fish balls. I love how springy the fish balls were but the sauce was just tooooo spicy for me.

singapore favourite food 2015 6
The vendor is a sweet girl who served my order with a smile. :) Wish there's more like her around. Totally #goodvibes!

singapore favourite food 2015 8
Popiah by Good Chance Popiah
I love Singapore's popiah and I've been hearing a lot about Good Chance so I was really excited to try this when I saw that they have a stall here. For S$5, you get two rolls of popiah where you can choose if you want it spicy or just the regular flavored one. I got one of each and I have to warn you that the spicy was stuffed with minced chili inside. Bite with caution so as not to burn your tongue!

singapore favourite food 2015 1
Onde Onde Churros by Churros Factory
This was our favorite among all the things that we've sampled that day. Yummy pandan flavored churros with gula melaka sauce and desiccated coconut. The sweetness level was just right and trust me, one churros stick is not enough as it was just so good!

singapore favourite food 2015 12
Grilled Squid by Mr. Squid
This just got to be the most popular food item in the food fair. In almost every table, you'll find someone munching on either a huge stick of deep-fried squid and grilled squid. It's really so big that the size is double an iPhone 6! I love the sweet BBQ sauce and the fact that the squid was very tender.

We enjoyed our visit to the Singapore Food Festival the first time that we invited our dear friends, the Googly Gooeys and D to have dinner there last week. Here are a few more dishes which we shared among the 5 of us:

singapore favourite food 2015 15
Oyster Misua 

singapore favourite food 2015 13
Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab 

singapore favourite food 2015 14
Singapore Rojak 

Pong also got the Chee Cheong Fan with Liver and Mushroom which I think was very yummy! I'm so glad to be able to have the chance to check out this year's Singapore Food Festival once again. Now, the countdown begins for next year!

Learn more about Singapore Favourite Food here:

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