Roll Out Sushi Bar in Tampines Mall

A few weeks ago, I had to go all the way to the far eastern point of Singapore a.k.a. Tampines for a full day off-site work. Believe it or not, despite being here for years now, there are still a lot of places that I haven't been to and most of it are in the east as I find heading to the west much more accessible from home.

Needless to say, I was excited to explore this part of town. So, before heading home, I decided to check the Tampines Mall out. It's a big, complete mall which is good as heading to the city from this area would probably take you 45 minutes or so. It perfectly services all the residents in Tampines whenever they have to run quick errands, go to the bank, buy food or catch a movie. I wanted to take something home for dinner so I checked out the basement level. The set-up is quite similar to the likes of Plaza Singapura in Dhoby Ghout which isn't surprising as it's developed by the same company.

roll out 3
Right at the middle, there are several food stalls offering a mix of local snack items and a couple of Asian dishes too. What caught my eye was this simple, minimalist-looking stall called Roll Out. It sells some hand-rolled Japanese maki which looked oh-so-good! The twist is they actually gourmetized it by offering smoked duck, salmon, unagi (eel) and more.

roll out 2
Admittedly, these pretty creations do not come cheap. The starting price is S$3.90 for the deluxe roll and it goes up by S$1 if you want to try the Signature or Premium ones. The best way to go about it is to get two! Not only will two fat rolls of maki will surely fill you up, they will deduct 90 cents from your total bill if you get a pair. I was immediately sold by the discounting scheme and so I proceeded to choose my two rolls.

roll out 5
First was the Mad about Shrimps (S$3.90). Plump roll of sushi that's filled with deep-fried ebi inside. I normally do not like sushi stuffed with anything deep-fried as I feel it totally goes against the whole concept of enjoying sushi which normally comes with a slice of raw fish and a handful of fragrant Japanese rice. Having the Mad about Shrimps somehow convinced me that change is sometimes good and we just have to let random things surprise us.

roll out 6
I also got the Quacks (S$3.90). Sushi roll with roast duck, alfalfa sprouts and a very savory sauce which I think must either be hoisin or teriyaki. I liked this one the most! This is a nice east meets west creation where the very flavorful smoked duck perfectly complemented the Japanese sushi rice.

roll out 4
I was actually impressed by Roll Out and my only wish is that they will soon open more stalls closer to the city as I don't think I'll be heading back to Tampines anytime soon. This would be perfect in the CBD area as office workers would definitely enjoy this for lunch.

For those in the east, check out Roll Out at the Tampines Mall, B1-K11, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore. 

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