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Despite my short visit home, I made it a point to visit some of my favorite restaurants. True, I have a growing list of new restaurants to try but there are just some times that I would prefer something that's familiar, something that brings comfort, something safe. So, when I was setting a dinner catch-up with my cousins-in-law, I suggested that we go to Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall.

hole in the wall
If you recall, I've dined there with my family last December but after months of being away, I just have to satisfy my craving for that yummy Buttermilk Fried Chicken from Bad Bird and that to-die-for freshly baked cookies from Scout's Honor. In addition to that, I heard that there were more stalls that opened after my visit so I am definitely heading straight to those.

We were a huge group of 9 so you can just imagine the amount of food that went around as we shared all our orders that evening. Let me share with you my top picks :

hole in the wall 7
Cheeseburger (Php. 280) from the beef
Cousin B ordered this and I was able to have one big bite. Ohhhh it was delicious! I'm not really a burger fan but I know a good burger when I taste one and this was divine! Too good that I can be bold in saying that this is one of the best in the metro. The beef was juicy and definitely has this good, robust meaty taste. I love how the cheese gently covers it and the veggies were just enough to still put the burger patty in the limelight. I love it!

hole in the wall 9
Vietnamese Spring Rolls from Phobobo
I know I'm supposed to talk about the Pho when it comes to the Vietnamese Phobobo but I have to admit that the supposedly main star fell way below our expectations and it was the Fried Spring Rolls that got our nod. It's filled with minced pork and shrimp and served with the traditional Nuoc Nam Cham dipping sauce which tastes very much like our local fish sauce.

hole in the wall 8
Classic Corned Beef Reuben (Php. 450) from Mister Delicious
Another winning choice! Once again, ordered by cousin B. I tell you, it's such a joy to eat with foodie much more when they're family! I have to admit, I initially felt that the price was quite steep for sandwich but it was until I saw how humongous it was and that it was packed bursting with Mister Delicious' signature corned beef and sauerkraut, Emmental cheese and Russian dressing then I felt the price perfectly justifies it. Next to the burger, this was my favorite that evening. I love how the savory corned beef complemented the tangy sauerkraut and the creamy dressing and cheese gave it a sexier feel.

hole in the wall 4
Soft Shell Crab Po' Boy (Php. 260) from Kwong's Provisions
Kwong's Provisions was one of my favorites during my first visit. I remember liking all the things that we ordered then so I was excited when cousin M brought a plate of Soft Shell Crab Po' Boy to our table. It's deep-fried soft-shelled crab wrapped in a pillowy soft cua pao together with sriracha mayo, alfalfa sprouts and lettuce. The menu actually said there should also have tuna floss in it but we couldn't find it. Must be out of stock that day. Nonetheless, it was yummy and I enjoyed the contract between the crunchy soft-shelled crab and the cua pao.

hole in the wall 2
Corn & Coleslaw Plate (Php. 290) from Bad Bird
I don't think I'll ever get tired of Bad Bird's Deep-Fried Buttermilk Fried Chicken. I was telling my cousins about the kwepie-covered corn and how much Paul liked it the first time. After saying that, they decided to get three orders of that to ensure that everyone (except yours truly) will get to try the much-talked-about corn. No complains for me as this means, more coleslaw to enjoy and of course, more chicken to munch on! It was still just as yummy as I remembered it to me.

hole in the wall 5
Assorted Cookies from Scout's Honor
Ever since I had my first taste of Scout's Honor's Craft (DIY) Cookie, I instantly turned into a fan of Chef Miko Aspiras. Who would have thought that you can have melt-in-your-mouth cookie prepared right on the spot and ready within minutes for you to enjoy. Cousin JP took charge of ordering our dessert that evening and he zoomed straight to Scout's Honor. Since we were a big group, he got a good assortment of cookies from my favorite Matcha Sesame to the interesting Samoas Dream which is a chunky mix of coconut, chewy caramel salt, Sable Breton cookie and dark chocolate drizzle on top. He also got the Deep Dark Secret for hard core chocoholics as this was the famous Cookie Inception's dark chocolate twin. To go with all the cookies, he also got bottles of Flavored Milk as we all know that cookies and milk are a match made in foodie heaven. ♥

Truth to be told, while there are a lot of good and yummy things, there are just some that we felt could have tasted better.

hole in the wall 6
Beef Shawarma from Liberation Shawarma
The flavor was just too strong that we felt it was nakaka-umay after a few bites.

hole in the wall 3
Street Tacos from Posporo
We got the Sarsi Adobo Carnitas, Sisig and Chicken Inasal. I guess we were just expecting way to much as I felt there was really nothing extraordinary about it.

It was definitely a satisfying dinner filled with endless chit-chats, laughter and food that evening. I just wish that Paul didn't had to fly back to the Lion City right away for him to be able to bond with his cousins. Well, we're both looking forward to the next time!

Check out Hole in the Wall at the 4th floor of Century City Mall, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue in Makati. Call them at 801-1231.

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