Eggspresso at J. Abad Santos in San Juan (CLOSED)

Rise and Shine!

Let me start your mid-week by talking about a new all-day breakfast nook that my friend (and kumare) S and I recently discovered during my last visit back in Manila. As I've mentioned before, our schedules every time we're back home is always so packed so I normally would meet up with friends for brunch, tea time or after dinner milk tea sessions. I haven't hanged out with my dear friend S for so long and I was so happy that we finally found a common free schedule to do so.

eggspresso 1
Since we live quite near to each other, it was easy choosing a place to meet. She suggested Eggspresso along J. Abad Santos and I excitedly said yes as I've been hearing about this place from my friend T. As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in all things with eggs. I believe that eggs and cheese are the two things that you can never go wrong with. These two can make what could be a simple ho-hum dish into one that's so delicious. The restaurant was very new when we went to visit so most of the items on the menu were pretty much not available yet. I do hope it's fully functional now. So making do with what's available, I tried the Mac n Egg (Php. 220) which was not really a bad thing as I love mac and cheese a lot.

First of, I felt that the prices were a bit steep given that they're a very new restaurant. In fact, my bill came up to a little more than Php. 300 as I also ordered a glass of iced tea. Not unless things have changed massively since I left but a Php. 300++ bill for breakfast is a bit too much, I feel.

Anyway, taste-wise the macaroni was good and it tastes like how any Baked Macaroni would taste like. Sadly, the egg did nothing to give it a more interesting angle nor did it contribute to the over-all texture of the dish. It was just... there.

eggspresso 2
S went for the Carbongga (Php. 260) which was a pasta carbonara dish with longganisa (sausage) and sunny-side-up egg on top. She didn't say much about her pasta but I guess it was pretty mediocre too.

Browsing their menu, I seriously think I should have went with the rice dishes. However I was heading off to meet Kongkong for an eat-all-you-can lunch so even the pasta dish was too heavy already. I'm not giving up on Eggspresso as I think their concept is really cute. I will definitely go back in a few weeks time to try their rice dishes and hopefully I'd hit a jackpot by then.

Has anyone out there tried Eggspresso? Tell me what you think about it below!

Eggspresso is located at G/F G&L Building, J. Abad Santos cor V. Cruz, San Juan City. This is right beside Serenitea. Call them at +63-977-8058990.

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