Weekend BBQ Buffet at Sand Bar in Siloso Beach, Sentosa

There's really something so calming about watching the sunset by the beach. It could be the relaxing sound of the waves crashing into the shore or feeling the sand on your feet or just watching the sky turn from blue to golden yellow to orange to pitch dark. It's just so magical.

sand bar 10
Growing up in a country that's pretty much surrounded by huge bodies of water, I've learned to love the beach life. It's that one thing that Paul and I would make it a point to do at least once a year. For us, heading out to the beach means taking a break from work, from city life and just allowing ourselves to relax. Sadly, it has been years since we've had our annual beach getaway but as they say... "you can take the girl out of the beach but you can't take the beach out of the girl." The sun, sand and sea will always find me and here in Singapore, I found it in Sentosa.

sand bar 9
For the past two weekends, Paul and I has been heading over to Sentosa to catch the sunset and to enjoy dinner too. We learned about the Weekend BBQ Buffet at Sand Bar which, I must say, has the best location along Siloso Beach. It's within walking distance from the Beach Station terminal and yet it gives you one of the best views of the beach and the sunset. We made it a point to go in time for sunset and the server was kind enough to give us a table closest to the beach area.

sand bar 7
The weekend bbq buffet features a good selection of grilled meats, seafood and a perfectly curated line-up of antipasto and desserts. This is available for dinner every Friday and Saturday for a very reasonable price of S$58 nett per person. On other days, they also got several platters which are good for sharing. I'll tell you more about those soon.

sand bar 3
We got there on a Saturday night and we enjoyed the whole chill-out beach vibe complete with music from the acoustic band performing all night. The singer would happily take song requests from patrons too so if you want to hear your favorite song just request away. One couple were even brave enough to ask if they can jam with the band and they were invited up to perform one song.

sand bar 5
Since neither of us where blessed with singing voices, we focused on that one thing we're good at -- EATING. I really love starting my buffet meal with salads, appetizers or antipasti. I have to say that Sand Bar has a really amazing selection and I have to say that these are not your ordinary starters. I loved the Slipper Lobster with Potato Salad, Farfalle Pasta Salad and the Salmon with Dill. How classy! Also, I have to say that the Cream of Mushroom Soup was seriously one of the yummiest I've have here in Singapore. I know it's weird to have soup on the beach but it was really good and I couldn't pass up the chance to enjoy something so delicious.

sand bar 4
Paul, on the other hand, went for the main highlights right away. He loved how the chef was always there to grill his chosen meats and seafood upon his request. That way he gets it really fresh and literally off the grill. I left him to choose for us and fill our sharing plate. Of course, the best way is to get two of each selection.

sand bar 8
So after enjoying two plates of appetizers, I finally moved on to the mains and I loved the freshly grilled fish and the juicy scallops. Can you imagine, this means feasting on as many scallops as you want! Meat lovers will also enjoy the tender pork ribs that's part of the buffet line-up too.

I'm so glad that we were able to try Sand Bar's Weekend BBQ Buffet. It's the perfect way to enjoy your Saturday night which is a temporary break away from the craziness of the city. I'd say it's one of the best weekend dinner dates that we've had this year.

Buffet Rate:
S$58 nett per person

Visit Sand Bar at 50 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099000. Take the tram towards Beach Station and walk for 3 minutes. It's right beside Wings of Time. 

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