#FrannyCooks : Cheezy Oat-y French Toast

Rise & Shine!

What do you normally have for breakfast? For me, it's normally bread, instant oatmeal, yogurt or my favorite Chicken Pau from the hawker stall across my office building. For someone who just loves traditional Filipino breakfast that normally consists of garlic rice, egg and a meat variant, I've somehow learned to go easy on my breakfast choices simply because I barely have time to cook a lot every morning.

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Well...except on Sundays. I know this may sound weird but Sunday is actually my favorite day of the week. Ignore the fact that it's the day closest to Monday but it's actually the only day in the week when Paul and I have no work and this means we can sleep till much later and relax all day. So, whenever I feel like cooking something new or experimenting on a new recipe, I'd schedule to do this on Sundays.

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Recently, Paul mentioned that he wanted me to try experimenting with our bag of oats in the fridge. We were about a week away from flying home to Manila for a quick vacation and he wants me to start using it before it goes bad. Not that oats spoils easily but I guess the hubs just wants something new for brunch that day. A quick peek at our fridge and I saw half a bag of bread, the last of my cheese slices and some leftover butter too. Call me crazy but I really find it so exciting whenever I get to clean out our fridge. It's the OCD in me where I really love keeping our kitchen clutter-free.

Following the same procedure in making french toast, I tried to coat my bread with oats and the result was this gorgeous golden brown crunchy creation. I served it with some maple syrup and Paul happily gave me the thumbs-up sign as he loved the combination of the sweet-salty flavors.

Here's what you'll need:
1) Leftover white bread (wholewheat is fine too)
2) 2 whole eggs
3) Cheese slices (depending one how many you'll be making)
4) Butter
5) Instant oats
6) 1/2 cup milk -- I made use of Bonsoy Organic Soy Milk

Do this in 10 easy-peasy steps:

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First: Assemble your ingredients: prepare your bread (you may opt to remove the crust) & pour the instant oats on a plate.
Second: Beat your eggs and add in the milk. Continue to beat gently.
Third: Pick up the bread and soak each side into the egg-milk bath. Don't soak it too much or the bread might just fall apart.

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Fourth: Coat it with the oats. Set aside.
Fifth: Prepare your pan by lightly greasing it with butter.
Sixth: As soon as it's ready, place two breads (oats side down) into the pan.
Seventh: As soon as it starts to turn light golden, add a slice of cheese on one bread and top this with the other bread like a sandwich. Press down lightly.
Eight: Flip the bread 2-3x before taking it out of the pan. Repeat this for all remaining bread and cheese slices.
Nine: To assemble: I like slicing my sandwiches diagonally. You should hear a nice, beautiful crunch as you slice it through.
Tenth: Drizzle with maple syrup or serve this on the side. Enjoy!

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