My Top 7 Picks at 7-Eleven Singapore

Who can relate to this?

"You have to work late at night and with barely enough cash in your wallet, you wander around your office area looking for something to eat. Not in the mood for fast food as you just want something more comforting, a bit more healthy yet quick to consume and one that won't hurt your budget. Where do you go?" 

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I can probably say that just like you and me, 80% would probably head to the convenience store. It has a wide array for food and snack options and you can definitely get hot dishes that doesn't necessarily mean having to ingest deep-fried food. Personally, 7-Eleven has been my go to place ever since I started working here in Singapore. It's where I can find good and reasonably priced siu mai, a delicious bar of Magnum (where I don't have to buy the entire box if the craving strikes) or the place where we bought our first ever SIM card upon landing in the Lion City. It has basically everything and almost everything that you'd need. Okay fine, maybe you can't find printer inks here or fresh meat but at least the ones that you'd need during ungodly hours when all stores are closed.

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Recently, I was given a preview to try 7-Eleven's Ready to Eat meals which is definitely a step up from the usual sandwich, instant noodles or that addicting instant mashed potato. We're talking about filling rice dishes that you'd probably get from your favorite hawker stalls or restaurant.

Here are 7 of my Top Picks in no particular order:

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1) Butter Chicken Biryani (S$3.90)
This was the BOMB! Fragrant long grain basmati rice with creamy butter chicken curry. I love how they didn't scrimp on the amount of chicken fillet included in this dish and the taste was pretty spot on.

2) Fried Carrot Cake (S$3.90)
I couldn't believe it when I found out that 7-Eleven was selling this popular hawker snack and to be honest I tried it with very little expectations. I mean, the best tasting ones are those that's freshly cooked but what do you know?! This was pretty good too and I actually love the chili that came with it. It would make a good breakfast, snack or any meal accompaniment.

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3) Braised Duck Rice (S$4.90)
Here's another local dish that was pretty awesome. The tender duck thigh was marinated in a flavorful mix of cinnamon, aniseed, clove, orange peel, cumin and chili to achieve that authentic taste. It's served with a generous portion of soy sauce rice and boiled peanuts as well as sambal chili for those who wants a bit more heat.

4) Hainanese Chicken Rice (S$3.50)
If you're not into duck, then I'm sure you won't be able to say no to this famous dish that has put Singapore at the forefront of the foodie map. This is a comforting bowl of fragrant rice with a juicy portion of chicken cooked the traditional way. It also comes with the three types of dipping sauce consisting of chili, sesame oil and dark soy sauce. What I love the most about this is is how they're able to nail the flavor of the rice just how we would enjoy it from our favorite hawker stall.

5) Onigiri
For those who wants it fast yet yummy, I highly recommend trying 7-Eleven's Onigiri. This is one thing that Paul and I loved the most in Japan as we would visit any convenient store and grab as many onigiris to munch on at any given time of the day. Onigiris are hand-rolled sushi shaped like a triangle and it's filled normally with cooked creamy filling such as tuna mayo, salmon mayo or chopped octopus.

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6) Chicken Bolognaise (S$4.30)
Normally, I'm not a fan of microwaved pasta as I'm afraid it might taste bland or the texture will be too sticky. Surprisingly, 7-Eleven has perfected their pasta dishes most particularly this comforting Chicken Bolognaise with a tangy tomato sauce and yummy meatballs.

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7) Chocolate Lava Cake (S$2.80)
Remember to always end your meal with dessert and yes, that's possible even at 7-Eleven. This was a revelation and I'm pretty sure you'll love it too. This ooey, gooey chocolate treat makes a perfect ending to your meal. I love how the chocolate filling literally oozes out as you slice through the spongey cake. It was so good that I had to buy Paul another one for him to try at home too. Needless to say, he was just as delighted about it as I was.

Now, you know that there's more to 7-Eleven than that giant cup of Slurpee, those bags of steamed buns and siu mais and it's not the only place to go to load up on your EZ Link or mobile credits. 7-Eleven will always be there to satisfy your hunger with these mouthwatering dishes too! Visit any of the 438 7-Eleven stores all over Singapore today. 😄

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