All Day Brunch at Ninja Cut on Seah Street #TheNinjaCut

Call me hipster but I really enjoy dining at cafes and eating healthy cafe food. There's really something about getting the feeling of being satisfied minus the guilt and nagging thought that your heart is getting clogged up by fats or your blood is filled with sugar. I'm never a fan of most veggies and believe me, for a food blogger, I have been a very picky eater (just like my friend Richie, hello there!) but age and reality is fast catching up and I know I have to get my act together by eating healthy if I want to live a better, longer life.

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First came Ninja Bowl at Duxton Hill where I fell so in love with their interesting lunch bowls which can be filled with veggies or healthy grains and combined with the best proteins. A year or so after, came Ninja Cut along Seah Street which promises to offer choice cuts and all-day brunch items very similar to its sister restaurant. I love how the same operating group decided to open this second outlet with a slightly different concept but offering still the same healthy choices. Hooray for good health!

I was so lucky to be invited to try a couple of their house specialties and these will be the same dishes that I will definitely go back for more.

ninja cut 8
If you love seafood like me, then you have to try Squid Fix (S$18), a hearty plate of whole Japanese squid that's brushed with Ninja Cut's signature blend before grilling it to perfection. It's served with a mix of mushrooms, miso cucumber which is so delicious, honey-glazed carrots and furikake. Note the absence of carbs in this dish but I promise that this is a very filling one nonetheless. I normally shy away from grilled squid as most of the ones I've tried are very chewy and rubbery, Ninja Cut's version has perfected it in such a way that the squid was so tender yet not gooey. I love the poached egg that comes with it giving it a very creamy consistency.

ninja cut 2
Another favorite was the Oh My Cod! (S$18). First of all, you can never go wrong with cod. It's the yummiest fish that melts in your mouth. Served on a bed of soba noodles, the first step is to break the egg and to tossed everything together. I also has a Japanese-inspired flavor and it's interesting to note how the beetroot, carrots, asparagus and edamame goes so well with it. I'm not a fan of carrots but if it's served this way then I'd gladly have all of it. For less than S$20, getting a generous sized cod makes this so worth it.

ninja cut 4
Okay, enough seafood and let us move on to the meat. We tried What's Your Beef? (S$18) which is one of the house specialties. In fact they only make 30 plates per day so be sure to go early if you want to be one of the lucky 30 customers who can enjoy this. Imagine having 150g of tender roast beef ribeye together with grilled corn furikake, sauteed mushrooms, onsen egg, carrots and garlic chips. Since I can't have corn, I was happy to just load up on the beef as the veggies. Our plate came with Ninja Rice which is a combination of vinegared Japanese pearl rice and brown rice with seaweed flakes. I think it's the best carb combination as rice goes so well with beef.. okay, fine, who am I kidding? Rice goes well with ANYTHING! That's my Filipino heart speaking.

ninja cut 3
Another option was the Gimme Chimi Chicken (S$14) which was just a-okay for me. It's a really healthy plate though with Cajun-spiced chicken breast, chimichurri sauce, sauteed brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, grilled corn furikake and mixed nuts. I loved the chimichurri sauce which I think makes everything so yummy however, I'm never a fan of grilled chicken breast so this one totally paled alongside the mouthwatering beef plate and the melt-in-your-mouth cod.

Aside from all these healthy plates, I highly recommend that you visit Ninja Cut for their All-Day Brunch Specials. Oh dear, these are the best brunch dishes that I've had this year! No kidding!

ninja cut 5
First was the Polenta Mash (S$18) which I've been daydreaming about for weeks now. It's your ultimate comfort dish of a generous portion of warm truffled polenta mash topped with sauteed mushrooms, two thin slices of Aburi pork and shaved parmesan cheese. The first thing you have to do is to mixed the cheese and the polenta and enjoy each bite with a slice of tender pork and mushroom. Heavenly! I just love the strong truffle aroma and how the Aburi pork is just so tender and delicious. I'm telling you, this is definitely a winner! I recommend that you share this though as one serving can be too much and you'll definitely want to try more dishes, right?

ninja cut 9
If you want to have a sandwich, well try the Cheeky Cheese (S$18). This definitely brings the classic grilled cheese sandwich to a whole new level as it comes with 24-hour braised Japanese curry beef cheek and garden greens. The cheese inside the sandwich literally oozes out and I have to say, it can be quite messy to eat but hey, it's a good kind of messy that you'll want to lick your hands after your down.

ninja cut 6
For dessert, try the Marvellous Matcha (S$16) which is their version of matcha hotcake with flowing matcha lava inside. Topped with homemade dango balls, yuzu peels, ricotta cheese and azuki beans, this is the kind of "hotcake" that you'll definitely wake up early for. As you know, perfection cannot be rushed, so expect a bit of wait for the Marvellous Matcha to be served as they prepare this upon receiving your order. I promise you though that it will be definitely worth the wait.

As expected, everything was so good at Ninja Cut! I am a big fan of the whole Ninja line of restaurants (well, there's two now) and I hope they'll continue to open more around Singapore in the near future. I don't mind if they do it ninja style too.

Check out Ninja Cut at 32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388. Call them at 6264-7727. Note that they know accept cash and NETS payment for now. 

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