Frannywanny's Holiday Giveaway 2016 : Win a Starbucks Planner and more!

We're totally feeling the Christmas spirit this week! 

Case in point: I'm typing this blog entry with Arianna Grande's "Santa Tell Me" blasting from our speakers and our beautiful Christmas tree lights twinkling in varied patterns and motions. At the same time, Paul's busy packing our gifts for family and friends back home. This is really one of our favorite periods of the year!

xmas frannywanny
I know I haven't done this for quite some time and I really apologize for that. However, this year has been really awesome for us and I got you all to thank for. Since I'm in a festive mood, I'd love to share the Holiday cheer to all! So, Frannywanny's Holiday Giveaway is BACK!

Here are some of my favorite things that YOU can possibly win:

frannywanny starbucks
Starbucks Coffee Philippines 2017 Planner : to be won by a Singapore-based reader

I want to do a swap so a lucky Singapore-based reader will be a proud owner of this beautifully-designed 2017 Planner complete with coupons which you may use should you decide to visit the Philippines this year!

frannywanny 1
Starbucks Coffee Singapore Moleskin Planner : to be won by a Philippines-based reader

...and for my ever-loyal Pinoy readers, one of you will be receiving this very premium-looking Moleskin 2017 Planner from Starbucks Coffee Singapore! It also contains drink vouchers too which may be use should you come and visit (me!) in Singapore.

frannywanny 2
(2) Personalized Wooden Board by Sprints PH : open to ALL readers in the Philippines and in Singapore

As you may have noticed, I really love cooking and hosting dinners at home. I love this wooden board that I got from Sprints Philippines which has this nice carving of our names. It really gives a nice touch especially when I use it as a cheese board or basically a nice plating board for any food item. Two winners will get their own personalized wooden boards too!

Are you ready?

Here's how to join:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest runs from today (19 December) until 28 December 2016. I'll be choosing the winners and will be making the announcement right after! Hopefully by the time 2017 rolls in you'll have your prizes with you. Happy Holidays, dear readers!


  1. I'm hoping for more adventures to post, more foods to taste and more life lessons to sshare! mERRY Christmas!!

  2. 1.Looking forward for Filipino dishes prepared during Noche Buena and Media Noche ��
    2. A Place/spots here in PH you want to visit on 2017 ��
    3. Favorite Filipino snacks ��

    Thank you for the giveaway Frannywanny ������ ive been praying for this, so love Starbucks Planner ❤❤❤

    Lily Fajarillo

  3. lovely Christmas tree lights twinkling in differed examples and movements. In the meantime, Paul's bustling pressing our presents for family and companions back home. This is truly one of our most loved times of the year!I truly apologize for that. Be that as it may, this year has been truly magnificent for us and I got all of you to thank for. Since I'm in a happy inclination, I'd love to share the Holiday cheer to all!. Last time I’m visit write my essay This website really helpful to student. Changed into about a week returned.

  4. I sooo deserve this Fran! Got nothing more to do at home but write and write. Merry Christmas Fran! ����

  5. I'd love to see more of your food adventures in manila and singapore! :) more lifestyle tips & tricks to maximize the budget but still enjoying everything life has to offer! Keep on sharing your joyr Fran! :)

  6. Hi!I have been a avid reader of your blog since 2012.Please feature great places,cute things to buy and more hawker stall in Singapore next year.�� Jasmin

  7. Love your food journey from singapore and manila! I hope to have more of it next year!! Your posts are not intimidating and is so versatile for all the readers! :) Thank you so much! Hope to see more of lifestyle tips & tricks soon enjoy so much of life while of the budget! :) travel tips are good too!! :)

  8. As 2016 comes to a close, I look forward to see more hotel reviews, restaurant features and of course more giveaways in 2017.

    Name: KT Nielsen
    Email Address: kessathea26(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. More coffee, more desserts, and more of Singapore, please. We might return there in April or May 2017. First time to go there around that time of the year. Any good activity during those months?
    -- Sharon Muldong

  10. I wish for more giveaways in 2017 on frannywanny!

  11. Merry Christmas and totally in love with your posts!

  12. I promised myself that I will be traveling more on 2017. I look forward to see more travel posts here at this coming year so that I'd get awesome tips from you. I love your posts about your trips in Cambodia, Indonesia, HK and China so please write more, :)

  13. The three things I look forward to see here at in 2017 are: (1) lots of sweet and savory treats, (2) more #FrannyCooks Starters/Snacks and (3) more #FrannyCooks Desserts.

    Name: Elvie Mae Balea
    Email address:

  14. In 2017, I most look forward to reading more about, 1. Food places both in SG & PH which are baby-friendly since we now have a baby who is about to start solids in January 2017, 2. Travel spots both in SG & PH again which are baby-friendly (again!) & 3. More giveaways from Frannywanny :D --- Mause Tan-Gaw (

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!


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