Holiday Feasting at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

2016 sure went by like a speeding bullet, don't you think? It was a pretty momentous year all over the world especially in the political-front. Back home, it's a special year with the grand arrival of my beautiful niece A. I can't wait to fly home and spend time with the family and most especially to finally meet our family's first darling baby (this is what my Mommy calls her and the variation gets longer each time with a new adjective adding on to it haha). ♥

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I'm truly in a very festive spirit so do expect a lot of Christmas and New Year highlights here the blog for the entire month of December. Let me start of with one from Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa. I have to say that this is, hands down, one of the prettiest hotels that I've visited in Singapore. From the moment you step in, you get a very relaxed vibe as it overlooks the sea and it covers a huge space -- 27 acre to be exact! It's the perfect place to be if you want a quick break away from the city.

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This is as close to nature as you can get without having to drive out really far. Well, look what I saw as I was waiting for our food trail to begin. A real live peacock freely roaming around! I have to admit that I panicked a bit as I'm deathly scared of feathered animals but luckily the peacock stayed at a safe distance that evening. It was interesting to watch it though as it graciously walked around the lawn and even on the roof. Did you know that peacocks can fly?

First Stop : Kwee Zeen

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Sofitel Singapore Sentosa has a total of 5 different F&B outlets both in the hotel premises as well as in So SPA located next door. All establishments will have their own holiday feast line-up and we're so lucky to be able to have the chance to try some of what they will be serving! We began with a wide-array of hors d'oeuvre from Kwee Zeen, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant. Each piece was just so good! I particularly loved the Tomato Quinoa, Black Truffle Brie Cheese, Deep-Fried Snow Crab and the Truffled Arancini. These will be part of the Christmas Day Brunch which will accompany the Slow-Cooked Tomahawk Steak and all other dishes that will make up the 16 live ateliers. This reminds me so much of the delicious buffet spread with all the ateliers of Spiral in Sofitel Manila which is still one of my favorite hotel buffets to date.

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Aside from the Christmas Day Brunch, there will be a special line-up for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dinner too where they will feature the Baked Leg of Ham with Apple Sauce and the Exotic Christmas Log Cake which was so yummy! It's a beautifully created chocolate mousse filled cake with a tangy passionfruit and mango center plus a caramel sauce ball on top. I normally don't get to finish an entire slice of cake but with this, I effortlessly polished off my plate in minutes. I also have a thing for glossy-finished cakes which is the trend these days and the pastry team of Sofitel has mastered this so well without going overboard. It's definitely so classy and pretty, don't you think? (related post: click here)

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After Christmas, we got a week before 2016 formally bids us good bye and to welcome the start of the New Year, Kwee Zeen will once again have another line-up which will highlight the Live Barbecue Station. Think freshly grilled seafood and meat all night long! If you want to go local, they will also have a Chinese Cuisine corner with Roast Meats and Char Siew available too. After all the meat feasting on New Year's Eve, the next day will be filled with the best seafood choices with the Live Seafood station as the star of the show.

Second Stop : Il Lido at the Cliff

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After several rounds of yummy hors d'oeuvre, we headed to our next stop which is the famous Il Lido at the Cliff. This restaurant recently won a Best in Design award and there's nothing surprising about that as the restaurant looks totally stunning be it at any of the two private rooms, at the main dining area or at the al fresco section. I can't wait to go back here for brunch some time soon.

It's the perfect place to celebrate the holiday season as you indulge on their specially designed 5-course dinner menu (S$128) consisting of a line-up of Il Lido's specialties. Here are some of the dishes that awaits you:

sofitel sentosa 8
Ocean Trout with Sea Urchin, Orange Emulsion and Caviar

sofitel sentosa 5
Homemade Tagliolini with Lobster and Basil

sofitel sentosa 4
Roasted Cod with Smoked Potato and Onion Veloute

sofitel sentosa 6
Turkey and Foie Gras Roll with Chestnut and Glazed Balsamic Shallot

sofitel sentosa 15
Mushroom Consomme with Truffle Tortellini

My favorite was the cod which I know wasn't surprising at all given how much I love seafood. I also love the Homemade Tagliolini which was really al dente and the lobster and basil was simple yet one that'll will put you in a holiday spirit for sure.

Third and last Stop : LeBar

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From Il Lido at the Cliff, we headed to LeBar for a sweet ending to our gastronomical food trail. It's here where I had one piece of the Exotic Christmas Log Cake.

In addition to that, I was also able to try samples of their Le Gouter de Noel (Christmas-themed afternoon tea) set which, trust me, is one that you all have to try. Tea time runs from 12pm to 530pm every day which actually is one of the longest tea time period that I've came across with. It makes sense though as we normally go for tea to unwind and to catch up with our friends or family and yes, it would be so nice to slowly enjoy your tea, coffee and pastries while enjoying the whole atmosphere and the company of your tea time date too. For once in our busy lives, allow time to stand still.

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The tea time selection is also quite impressive. Inside a customized jewelry music-box, you can enjoy a good mix of savory and sweet creations such a Alaskan King Crab with Avocado on Basil Tart, Fruit Cake, Minced Fruit Pie, Mini Log Cake, Roast Beef with Horseradish Cream on Parmesan Sable, and more. I love these music boxes which really delighted all of us when the box was first opened for us to view.

Christmas is all about spreading the love and cheer not only to our family and friends but pretty much to everyone around you. I would also always associate eating and dining out with Christmas as this is the perfect time to catch up with long time friends, go out for a good meal with your special someone and basically just mark this festive occassions with the yummiest grubs too.

Be sure to mark your calendars and check out Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa's Christmas and New Year's line-up. For reservations, orders or enquiries, please call +65-67088310 or email:

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