Christmas Cakes in Singapore for 2016

"'Tis the season for lots of feasting... fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la"

Recently, I came across an article that showed how different people all over the world celebrate the holiday season and what food items are the ones that take the forefront during this time of the year. In the Philippines, out comes the glorious Lechon (roast pork) and the buttery Bibingka (rice cakes) and Puto Bumbong (Yam Rice Cakes). Did you know that KFC Fried Chicken is a Christmas staple in Japan? Here in Singapore, it's the perfect time to feast on all types of roast meats from big, juicy Turkey meat, mouthwatering Roast Pork and that to-die-for succulent piece of steak. In addition to that, there are all types of log cakes and dessert creations to have that perfect sweet ending to every holiday meal.

Here are some of the yummiest log cakes to order this year:

1) Exotic Christmas Log Cake from Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa (S$60 / S$75)

sofitel sentosa 12
Selecting flavors that marry the tropical roots of Singapore and the French origin of Sofitel, this beautiful log cake is made of 66% dark chocolate feuilletine and flourless sponge with a tangy passion fruit and mango center.

sofitel sentosa 1
The best part is the caramel ball on top where you have to break it and watch the caramel sauce slowly covers the cake. It's also designed differently from most log cakes make it such a head turner. I really love this as I am not a very big chocolate fan so I appreciate cakes with a more citrus-y, fruity flavor profile.

2) Buche de Noel Orange Chocolate Duo by Conrad Centennial Singapore (S$62)

conrad centennial sg 1
This is the perfect log cake for those who wants it chocolate-y but with a touch of citrus orange. Sink your teeth into the creamy orange-infused chocolate sponge covered with Venezuelan chocolate butter cream and a smooth and delicious orange mousse at the middle.

conrad centennial sg 2
Look at how pretty it is inside! I loved how it's designed exactly like a log and the chocolate "barks" will surely delight the young ones (and the young at heart too)!

3) Candied Chestnut by Shangri-la Hotel Singapore  (S$62)

shangrila sg 3
I started humming "Chestnuts roasting on the open fire" as I dug into this pretty log cake. First of all, I love the cute chocolate characters on top of the log cake giving it a very festive feel. Secondly, the light chestnut cream layers in between the crunchy nougat base and the blackcurrant and sponge center gives a very interesting texture contrast and I could also taste a hint of hazelnut in the cream making it even more yummy.

shangrila sg 1
It's really nice to have that light berry flavor that cuts through the creamy nutty taste in every bite. I also liked the reindeer chocolate which is made out of white chocolate. This was Paul's favorite log cake and he would enjoy a slice or perhaps even two (if I'm not looking) after every meal.

Check out Shangri-la Hotel Singapore's online shop to see all the other Holiday food items available. I'm so intrigued by the D24 Durian Coconut and Pandan Log Cake!

4) Assorted Cakes and Pastries from Mandarin Oriental Singapore 

Why stick to one when you can have more than a dozen dessert choices to bring to your next Christmas get together!

mandarin oriental sg 1
My personal favorite was the Christmas Apricot Pistachio Pie (S$38). I know it's not a log cake but let me tell you why I fell in love with it. First, it has a pretty glossy finish. There's a trend lately for shiny, glossy, "crease-less" cakes that looks like marble. It's so pretty and it's perfect as a gift or to be brought to your Holiday potluck party where you'll surely elicit oohs and ahhs from your friends before you finally get slice it up. Secondly, it tastes amazing! I love the orange chocolate mousse on top of a vanilla sable tart and finished off with rosemary apricot pistachio cream. I noticed that orange and chocolate seems to be the flavors of the season this year. Gone were the days of having everything with salted caramel or with yuzu. Not complaining there!

mandarin oriental sg 2
Another favorite is the Petits Calissons Christmas Tree (S$80) which comes in four flavors -- lemon, orange, blackcurrant and raspberry. It's a dainty-looking tree that's made out of almond paste cookies topped with these citrus-flavored icing.

See their online brochure to see the full line-up of baked goodies!

Christmas is just a few weeks away but the feasting starts...NOW! Do you have any other favorite Christmas dessert or log cake here in Singapore? Tell me all about it below!

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