Eat MY SPuDs : White Truffle Chips

It's no secret how much I love chips and savory snacks. It's that one thing that I don't think I can ever say no to...ever. Between chocolates or chips, I'd choose munching on a bag of chips to cheer me up or to at least calm my nerves on a stressful day. Well, I also love munching on chips after a meal or while doing our Netflix marathon at home.

eat my spuds ph
When I got hold of this pretty black bag of Eat my Spuds White Truffle Chips (Php. 325) from my good friend D a few weeks ago, I was so excited to open it up and munch away! Sadly, I was down with a three-week-long cough so I had to patiently wait for that awful virus to go away and as soon as I was done with my antibiotics, the first thing I did was to open the bag of chips. Haha! Call it a reward for all that uncontrollable coughing for 21 days straight.

The first thing I notice was how thin the potato chips were! I love thinly sliced potato chips and in my opinion, it gives a really premium bite to it. Somehow it reminded me of my favorite Patatine Fritte from Cibo which, for me, is the best potato chips in Manila. I love how the chips stayed so crispy even after weeks in the bag. That assures you of a pretty good shelf life which means you can hoard on these chips and enjoy it one at a time without the fear of ending up with stale chips after a couple of weeks.

On our first round of tasting, I made the mistake of shaking the bag which made all the flavored powder settle at the bottom of the bag. So, the white truffle flavor was a bit too weak on our first few bites. It was only on the next day when Paul tried to shake the bag the proper way and that's when he fully enjoyed the delicious white truffle flavor. He loved it so much that he pretty much finished the entire bag but was still so sweet to leave me a couple more pieces. ♥  It has a nice and smooth truffle flavor which can be very addicting. Unlike most of the commercialized truffle flavored chips where you get a strong whiff upon opening the bag and it somehow smells like gasoline, this one has a sweet buttery aroma all throughout.

For only Php 325 (S$9) a bag, I'd say this is so reasonably priced. Aside from the White Truffle Chips, they also have the Spicy Pork Floss Chips. which I'm so excited to try in the coming weeks.

*photo by Paul Ang

Order your bags of chips now by calling Eat My Spuds at +63-917-7282827 (PATATAS) now! 

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