Franny Mommy : Go on with GOO.N Diapers

Week 30.

Today, my babies and I have officially hit the 30th mark and not long from now, I will soon be meeting them in person. I. Can't. Wait.! For now though, I just pray that they'll hang in there as long as they can in order for them to grow even more.

As we await the arrival of our twins, we've already started shopping for their basic necessities and it's just so funny to watch sales people asking us how come we're buying everything in twos. I'll never forget the day when Paul began hoarding pink and blue bottles and the sales lady couldn't help but ask me if we're expecting a girl or boy. Haha!

I got to admit though that as the BIG day comes nearer, there are nights when I'd feel extra anxious as hundreds of questions would run through my mind. Will I be a good Mommy? How will I take care of twins? Will they keep me up all day and night? Where should I start? I just try not to let all the anxiety consume me or I might go nuts. Admittedly, I feel Paul and I will just learn as we go and we are just so lucky to have our families around us. However, it doesn't hurt to be more prepared. Sleepless nights are one of the things that I'm bracing myself for and I am making myself ready for it. However, if there's a way for me to make sure that my twins get to sleep better at night, I'm definitely all for it.

goon diapers 4
It's a good thing that Pan had A a year before my twins' arrival and so I've been relying on my sister and my brother in law E a lot who have been helpful in sharing first-hand, personal tips with us. One thing that I'll never forget is how they told us to choose our diapers well. A good quality diaper will mean less to zero leakage and it should have a good absorption rate too. My niece A is the kind of baby though who doesn't cry whenever she pees or poops which makes it a tad more challenging for them on her first few months to know whether it's time for a change or not.

goon diapers 1
A couple of months ago, I was invited to my first ever Mommy event! To say that I was excited was definitely an understatement. True, I didn't know what to expect as I've been attending food tastings for close to a decade so I don't know how Mommy events go. This was for the launch of GOO.N Diapers here in the Philippines. I've heard of GOO.N from my sister Pan as I remembered laughing in amusement at A's cute butt with Doraemon showing. GOO.N originates from Japan and has been making waves in some parts of Southeast Asia like Thailand and Indonesia already.

goon diapers 3
One thing that I love about GOO.N's tape diapers especially the ones for newborn is this wet detection line where the color changes as a sign to change the diaper. This eliminates the guessing game and helps avoid unnecessary wastage of a good diaper. Even A's nanny E told me that she loves this feature especially when she checks on A at the middle of the night.

goon diapers 2
Furthermore, GOO.N has sizes ranging from Newborn all the way to XXL! This means you pretty much got your diaper worries covered up until your kid reaches toddler-hood. I never thought there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a diaper. Back then, I just thought you can simply pick any one off the shelf and you're good to go. It's only know that we're really looking at one that's economically good for us, one that has a good absorption quality, one that will fit our babies properly and so on. I also have to keep an extra eye out for one that will help me avoid any UTI infection as this is one of the biggest challenges especially for baby girls.

I got a few weeks to go and two hospital bags to fill up but at least I got a pack of GOO.N diapers in there ready for the grand arrival of my twins.

GOO.N is available in most leading supermarkets and shops nationwide such as Rustan's Supermarket, Baby Company, Robinson's Supermarket, Waltermart and SM Hypermart to name a few.

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