The Return of the McSpicy at McDonald's Philippines

Back when I was still living in the Lion City, I remember looking forward to planned lunch outs with my colleagues D and I. These two ladies are truly the best food buddies as they're always so game to try anything and just about everything. Be it going back to our favorite Fried Chicken Biryani restaurant or heading all the way to Orchard for a good Indonesian lunch feast, there's never a dull lunch moment with them.

McDonald's is also one of our shared favorite fast food not only for their breakfast items but for their promotional products too. However, as I start to reminisce about our love for McDonald's in Singapore, I will always remember I's great love for McSpicy (or anything insanely spicy for that matter). While my spicy tolerance is pretty much as good as being able to enjoy a saucer of green chili with my daily mixed veg platter, my colleague I can really go all out with an already spicy ramen bowl with more chili or her ever favorite, McDonald's McSpicy. Once, after listening to her describe how delicious the McSpicy was, I dared myself to go try it and boy, did I just sent my mouth on fire within just the first few bites. Clearly, it was too hot for me to handle but I got to admit it was pretty good. It's the kind of sandwich that you just want to have more despite sweating buckets and quickly emptying out your large cup of Coke. 

mcdonalds mcspicy 1
Yesterday, I got a surprise delivery from our friends over at McDonald's Philippines. Not a lot of info were given prior to the delivery so I wasn't really sure what to expect. As it turns out, McSpicy is back for just a limited time and it's one of those products that has won the hearts of the Filipinos when it first launched in 2013. 

mcdonalds mcspicy 2
Not only are we having the original McSpicy (Php. 100) but it also brought along a new variant called the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy (Php. 100). Both comes with a generous piece of spicy fried chicken sandwiched in between pillowy-soft sesame buns and filled with shredded fresh lettuce and its respective sauce. One way to tell them apart is through the color of the sesame seeds on the bun. The Original McSpicy comes in an all-white sesame bun while the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy is sandwiched in between a black and white sesame bun.  

So, which McSpicy is better? 

My family had fun sampling these two sandwiches as I can only take a few bites as I fear that the spice level might take me to the labor room sooner than scheduled (heheh!). They enjoyed it so much that it was hard to get a proper vote on which variant is better as they liked them both! Looks like we have a tie! 

Now, do me a favor and go try these two McSpicy sandwiches too! Do let me know below which one you loved best. 

*photos by Paul Ang

Visit any McDonald's outlet near you or dial 8-MCDO to have these yummy burgers delivered to you right now. 

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