Snack Time : Salted Cheese Yakigashi by Kumori Philippines #BiteIntoClouds

Isn't it amazing how taste can evoke a myriad of emotions? Just like in the movie Ratatouille where one single bite can bring back a lot of memories for a particular person. No matter how far back that memory may have been, there are just moments when one familiar taste can take us back to a certain point in our lives where we have tasted the same thing and together comes a good story to be told.

For instance, Paul and I remember growing up enjoying a particular refrigerator pound cake which we would have as an afternoon snack. While we didn't grew up together, it's funny how we have a lot of similar childhood memories most especially when it comes to food. Somehow, it's like we have been living parallel lives from the very beginning.

kumori cheese 2
So, when we got this beautiful box from Kumori Philippines, we were so excited to give it a try! One thing that I love about anything Japanese is how they make everything soooo pretty! Look at the box down to the actual product, it's just so presentable making it a great gift option too. I wasn't sure what "yakigashi" meant but a quick search on Google told me that it means "baked sweets" in Japanese.

kumori cheese 1
Salted Cheese Yakigashi (Php. 510) is Kumori Philippines' take on the American pound cake. It's package in easy bite-size slices making it easy for you to just pick one up, open up the plastic packaging and enjoy the entire thing. However, if you're like Mommy who prefers to take the leisure route, you can opt to heat it up a bit and have this with your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

My family is pretty picky when it comes to baked pastries as we all try to avoid anything too sweet, too creamy, too rich or too buttery. Blame it on our weak digestive system thus we normally take extra caution in enjoying any dessert to avoid falling sick after. I'm happy to share that everyone in my family enjoyed this box of Salted Cheese Yakigashi and we all found it very light and the flavor was just right. Even Papa loved how it wasn't too buttery and he even had two slices all to himself.

As for me, I find the Salted Cheese Yakigashi somewhat similar to our native Queso de Bola Bibingka. Perhaps it's because of the bits of cheese found at the bottom of the cake and the consistency is just right in the middle of being airy and dense.

kumori cheese 3

Needless to say, Kumori Philippines' Salted Cheese Yakigashi all got our thumbs up sign. It's one that I would definitely recommend for you to try and share with others too.

Check out Kumori Philippines' list of branches here. 

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