24 Chicken Delivery Manila : Korean Fried Chicken Done Right!

Do you still remember the time when I attended my first ever Mommy blogger event with Mothers Who Brunch for Mustela? The event began with us standing up to introduce ourselves and to share with the group one of our guilty pleasures. I was halfway through my pregnancy with the twins then and I remembered that I shared that carbs and chips were definitely my guilty pleasure. One thing that I also remembered is that a number of moms mentioned that online shopping is their guilty pleasure and while I chuckled together with the group, I couldn't relate with them then. Yes. I wrote that in the past tense and it's simply because things have changed greatly since my twins were born.

Being a new mom entails a lot of work, that's a given but with that temporarily goes your freedom. Forget being able to leave the house as that won't be possible for at least their first two months of life.  Then comes bidding adieu to 8 hours of sleep. Now, we're talking about short power naps which eventually will turn to a number of short sleep cycles throughout the night. For all new moms and mommies-to-be out there, believe me when I say that things will get better. Anyway, since it's always just me and either one of my babies that's up at the middle of the night, I've found ways to keep myself busy. Going through my phone is definitely one of them and little by little, I found great joy in...tantananannn...online shopping.

Then again, I'm a foodie through and through so my online shopping means ordering boxes of cookies, brownies or going through Instagram accounts of home bakers, home catering services and more. Luckily, Paul also do enjoy these sweet and savory treats so as I am mindful of keeping our expenses on "wants" at a minimum, he allows me to indulge once in a while. Speaking of food delivery, I was contacted by 24 Chicken Delivery Manila a couple of months back as they offered to share two of their best-selling chicken flavors with us. I can definitely not say no to fried chicken, can I?

24 chicken 2
We got Jack Daniels (what was I thinking?!) and their famous Yangnyeom which comes in 3 spicy levels. We got the mildrest tasting one and it was very delicious. There are some dishes where you need a little heat to perk up the taste but for this one, it was perfect the way it is. Of course, if you want it more spicy then go up a notch or two.

See Menu here:

24 chicken delivery menu

24 chicken 3
One thing that we all love about 24 Chicken Delivery's Chicken is how tender it was. The skin stayed really crisp despite being generously coated in sauce and the meat was piping hot and tender. This would be a good dish to serve at a party and this may be enjoyed with a cold bottle of soda or beer. I was reminded of our trip to Seoul where Paul and I chanced upon Two Two Chicken which is really popular for their Korean Fried Chicken too. This comes pretty close to it.

24 chicken 1
I have yet to try the other flavors! Sadly, they still have a very limited delivery route as they only cover the Manila area at the moment but do watch out for more delivery areas soon.

Check out 24 Chicken Delivery Manila by calling +63927-1223550. You may also call them at +63927 1223550 / +63995-1360594.

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