Gourmet Home Delivery with Carlito's Catering

Do you ever have those moments when you'd wonder where did that time go? I do.
Every. Single Day.

Since I delivered my twins, I would always have an early start in the morning where I'm awaken by either L or J. It really depends who wakes me up. L would normally wake us up with a sudden high pitch scream followed by minutes of whining. J, on the other hand, is the jollier twin and he would start babbling really loudly. At times, to get my attention, he'll start kicking too knowing that that will really push me to stand up and pick him up. One thing they do in common is as soon as they see my face, they'll give me the cutest, most adorable toothless smile ever. This is followed by changing their diapers, playing with them, feeding them, getting them to nap and the cycle goes around about 3-4 times in the day. Before I know it, it's 6pm and we start their bedtime routine by giving them both warm baths, turning on their sleeping music and putting them to bed. Yes, for the past 5 months, that pretty much sums up my life as a twin mom.

carlitos catering 1
I can't believe how much they've grown!
They're probably 2x the size now from the time this photo was taken.
Looking at old photos, I can't believe it has been 5 months! Seriously, where did the time go? I can still vividly remember the night when we celebrated their 1st month. For us Filipino-Chinese, this is an important milestone as we call it mua-ge. To me, it's when I am finally done with my monthly confinement, I can finally take a bath, I'm so done eating all the ge lai dishes (so long black chicken and fried livers!) and it's the day where I celebrate surviving a full month taking care of them. Actually, since they stayed at the NICU for the 1st 2 weeks of their lives, that means, we've only been on full time parenting duty for 2 weeks then. Nonetheless, we got all the reasons to celebrate....and celebrate we did!

Thanks to Carlito's Catering for sending over 3 delicious dishes for our family to enjoy. Not only that, they also sent an amazing cake from Rabbit Hole Manila too! We got the Fruit Basket Cake (Php. 1700) and it was delicious! Each layer got slices of fresh fruits, fresh cream and the lightest and fluffiest chiffon cake. It was so good! Hands down, one of the best fruity cakes that I've had in my life.

carlitos catering 4
Since this was a big milestone for the twins, we also got a huge platter of Cha Misua complement of Carlito's Catering. Noodles, after all, signifies long life and that's my only hope for my darling twins. I love how despite the amount of noodles in one serving, you get a generous portion of meat, shrimp and toppings. The noodles was on the salty side, perfect for those who wants it more flavorful than the usual Hokkien-style Cha Misua.

carlitos catering 3
To go with our noodles, we had Baked Salmon with Spinach Cream Sauce (Php. 1,800 / Php. 3,000). This is an interesting take from the usual cheezy crusted Baked Salmon. The spinach sauce somehow cuts the umay of what you normally get from a baked salmon dish. The serving is really big and the smallest serving can easily be enjoyed by 6 pax at an average.

carlitos catering 5
Love how flaky and tender the salmon was! While it pairs well with our Cha Misua, I highly recommend that you scoop some mashed potato or rice in order to pour more sauce onto your carbs for better enjoyment.

carlitos catering 2
The highlight of our dinner though was the Lechon Kawali (Php. 1,850) look at this huge cut of crispy pork! I'd say it's really worth every penny as this is a big big big piece of deep-fried pork where the skin is crackling crunchy and the meat stays tender underneath. This will surely wow your guests and one serving is good for approximately 10 since you'll probably have more than one dish.

For busy moms like yours truly who could hardly go out of the house to buy food, this is the best way to ensure that you're serving a delicious spread with just a message or a phone call required. I love also how they managed  to deliver on time giving me ample time to set our table and to take a number of good photos before the rest of the family came over for dinner.

photos by Paul Ang

Contact Carlito's Catering on Instagram or on Facebook. You may also contact them at 0917-5200914. 

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