#FrannyCooks : Angus Beef Tapa Lettuce Cups

Lately, I always find myself running out of time. Do you have those moments too? In fact, my day starts earlier than usual as my twins are now extra playful and they're usually wide awake before 8AM. Despite how hard I try to keep my eyes shut, I can't ignore their playful kicks and non-stop babbling with high pitch shrieks here and there.

jam angus tapa 2
That's how my morning begins and this is followed by a more regular schedule of feeding and napping. Sometimes we would go out either to the mall, to play with their Achie A or to visit my in laws. Before I know it, it's close to dinner time and we have to prepare them for bedtime. Add to the fact that good help is so hard to find and we take turns in doing a couple of chores to help lighten the load for our current staying help. Eating out or ordering food may be the best option to go for but we also miss that homey flavor of our home-cooked dishes.

Thankfully, I recently received a 700g pack of Original Angus Beef Tapa (Php. 600) from JAM Foods. This has been mine and Pan's favorite tapa since we used to frequent Mercato Centrale. We love how the flavor has this good balance of savory and sweet. The beef strips, albeit a bit on the fatty side is so tender and good. Very good marinade, excellent beef cuts, what are you waiting for?

The most common way to enjoy this is to pair it with a bowl of garlic rice and egg. However, we wanted to try something different and as we're inspired with the Chinese Duck in Lettuce, here's our very own version -- Angus Tapa Lettuce Cups.

Here what you'll need:
- (1) 700g pack of JAM Foods Angus Beef Tapa (you can opt for the spicy kind too)
- (1) head of fresh lettuce
- 2 cups of atchara (pickled papaya)

Do it in easy 3 steps!
1) Using a non-stop pan, pan-fry the Beef Tapa until it's tender and thoroughly cooked.
2) How to assemble: Use one piece of fresh lettuce, top it with a teaspoon of Angus Beef Tapa, finish it off with atchara. You may opt to add some chili for that extra heat too.
3) Bon Apetit!

I love how the savory beef tapa was perfectly cut by the fresh lettuce. I was contemplating to use some Korean bean paste or fiery hot chili for that extra kick too.

To order contact Jam Foods at +63 917 5331371. 

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