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My twins recently turned 6 months.

To be really honest, I think celebrating their monthly milestone is really more for me and Paul rather than for the kids at the moment. Perhaps, for them, they get to discover that they can do something new each day and most especially for this particular month, they finally got their first taste of solids. However, for us, their parents it's all feeling triumphant over surviving twin parenthood for 6 whole months (and still counting). It's all about still not having 8 hours of sleep since the twins were born, it's about double the number of diapers that were worn and thrown away, it's all about cheering and doing happy dances every time we witness a new milestone, it's all about gaining that extra arm muscle that we never thought existed as our twins are really gaining more weight. I can't help but look at their photos back when they were a day old up until the photos that I took of them today. They've grown so much and only 6 months have passed. My life has changed drastically too since I officially became their Mommy and despite my growing eyebags and temporarily thinning hair, not a day has passed where I don't feel a great sense of gratitude that finally, my prayers were answered and it came in two-fold!

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Remember that time when my twins celebrated their first month  (mua ge)? That was really an important milestone for our family and I made sure to make that day (or was it that week) extra special. Since I was home-bound then, I really appreciated Instagram which allowed me to do my "online shopping". Browsing through several pages, I landed at China Mommy who specializes in traditional Chinese and Asian dishes such as Cha Misua, Curry Crabs, Fortune Bags, Hokkien Lumpia and more.

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My family's first taste of China Mommy's cooking was when we had their Hokkien Fresh Lumpia (Php. 2,800) for lunch. When you order this, you get a number of plastic containers where each ingredient is stored. There's one big one for the lumpia filling, another for the nuts, another for the seaweeds (I love this!), another one for the sweet lumpia sauce, then there's a huge ziploc bag for their fresh lettuce and another one for the lumpia wrapper. I was told that one set can make 18-20 wraps which is good for approximately 10 pax but really, this can still be stretched to a family of 12-15 as the serving was really generous. My family has a strong Hokkien palate and China Mommy's Fresh Hokkien Lumpia passed everyone's verdict with flying colors. No doubt there as we loved everything about the lumpia.

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In another meal, we had the Cha Misua (Php. 1,800) which was delicious! I've had a lot of cha misua in my life as this is one thing that I look forward to having during my birthday. My mom, whenever she has the time and energy, would prepare this for me and we would have this early in the morning as a family. Apart from my Mommy, my Kongkong and Paul's Manang also make the best cha misua in town. Given that I have super easy access to this dish, I never considered ordering this outside. However, we were all busy and to ensure that my twins will have a looong loooonggg life, I had a platter of Cha Misua during one of their monthly milestone celebration.

Once again, everyone gave their nod of approval and Mommy even commented that China Mommy has nailed the authentic Hokkien flavor of the traditional Cha Misua. Another bonus points for China Mommy!

china mommy 1
The CNY period, I once guessed, was probably China Mommy's busiest season and I was right! Nonetheless, they were so sweet to send over some Curry Crabs and Fortune Bags for us to enjoy. This coincided with the twins' baptism party which happened just a day before our yummy feast. The Curry Crabs (Php. 6,500) was lip-smackingly good! Be sure to serve this with double or triple the amount of rice as you'll certainly want more. I love how the curry was very creamy and tasty. It wasn't spicy at all making it easily enjoyable to eat. The crabs were also so plump and you'll surely want to get your hands dirty as you pull out the juicy meat from the shell. It's definitely one of the best dishes we've ordered from China Mommy so far...

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Next were the Fortune Bags (Php. 1,600) which is a traditional Chinese dish. One that resembles a money bag, this got sweet tofu skin wrapping a generous portion of minced seafood, meat and mushroom. It's like a dimsum only made more savory and saucy. I loved it! Actually not a lot of people loves tofu skin but Paul and I are one of those who adores it this is one great discovery that we'll surely order again and again.

There are a lot of home delivery services in town although only a handful, I can say, are consistently good no matter what dish you order. China Mommy is definitely one of those that I can always rely on whenever I have a family gathering or simply when we want to celebrate with a good meal at home. From it's Fresh Hokkien Lumpia to the lip-smacking Curry Crabs or the Fortune Bags.

*photos by Paul Ang 

To order, call China Mommy at 0917-5148540 or check them out on Instagram

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