Baby & Kids Fest at The SM Store

I've never been a big shopper all my life. In fact, I like keeping the number of clothes on my closet and shoes on my rack at a very minimal number. Paul would often tease me that he actually has more clothes and shoes than I do. That's just me. I never liked shopping and I only do so if I need to. However, things have changed since I had my twins. I've lost count on the number of times I went to the mall and every single visit, I always end up with a bag or several bags of clothes, bottles, toys for them. In fact, I do enjoy shopping for my babies more so when I get to avail of a good deal.

SM Store
So, when SM Store launched their October Baby & Kids Fest, I dragged Paul all the way to SM Aura to do a little shopping. It was also perfect timing as we really do had to prepare for our upcoming family trip so I stocked up on diapers, travel essentials and even more eating utensils.

We got a box of Pigeon Magmag set which I thought was a good find as L is starting to learn how to use the straw cup while J has graduated from the bottle to a sippy cup. Yay! We also got a small basin, a toilet potty seat, bags of diapers and a new set of wash clothes as the old one that they use looks so worn out already.

Check out this short video on what you can expect at the sale:

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