Franny Mommy : My i-Angel Magic 7 Story

"How do you do it?"

This has been a common question that Paul and I would get whenever people learn that we got twins. Honestly...I really do not know how to properly answer this question as I feel that we are just like any other parents out there. From the day our twins were born, we just took on our roles as Mommy and Daddy in the best way we can and know how. Somehow, for me, I took cues from my own parents whom I believe have done an amazing job in raising us. During my first few months as J and L's Mommy, I would sometimes ask myself "how would Mommy have done this?"

I also got to admit that I've Googled and YouTubed a lot on topics and things that I never thought I'd ever search for. Things like how to get the perfect latch, how to burp a baby, how to make a baby stop crying and more. The Internet has been my best friend and somehow answers from real parents kept me sane as I realized that we are all on the same big boat. As my twins grew bigger, Paul and I relied on several things to make things easier for us. One is to invest on good  baby carriers. As I've said before, helpers and nannies come and go. I've had my share of "one day I got a nanny, the next day I don't." Gone are the days wherein you are assured of their loyalty. In fact, we recently celebrated the 1st yr anniversary of one of our house helps and it really was something worth celebrating for given that most helpers and nannies would stay for 6 months max. I really do hope she'd stay on for the next 4 years or so.

iangel 2
I learned that I can't let my life stop just because I have no helping hand. Don't get me wrong. My two nannies (Yaya M and Yaya C) are both amazing and I thank God for them. They've truly been a blessing not only to me but to my twins too. However, I am more prepared now should they decide to move on. I always have to remind myself that there will come a time where it will just be me, Paul and our twins. I want my twins to grow up self-reliant and independent. You see, I never grew up with a nanny and I felt that this was one big factor why I am really close to my parents and to my sister. Somehow, it has always been the four of us forever and ever.

iangel 7
One thing that we, parents, should be thankful for is the presence of baby gears such as good baby carriers that are created to help us get the work done without having to drop our duties as parents. Recently, we got the new i-Angel Magic 7 (Php. 5,999) and I was so excited to use it on my twins.

This is the lightest baby carrier in the market weighing only 580g making it really perfect for travel as it can be folded real small making it so portable. One thing that I take into consideration when using baby carriers is how it can protect my twins. Hip dysplasia is one thing that I am very cautious about as my babies' bones are still very soft and fragile and I do not want to put them at risk just so I can make things convenient for me. i-Angel's Magic 7 comes with a lightweight hipseat that allows your baby to sit naturally without hurting their back, their hips or breaking their posture.

I also love how it comes with zippers and buckles making it really safe for baby. You see, L may be on the lighter side weighing a little over 8kg but my sweet little J is already tipping the scale at a little past 10kg. This means that I need a carrier that's durable and safe enough to carry either baby. Soon, they'll continue to gain more weight and grow and I hope that my carrier can still be used at least for the next 6 months or so.

iangel 1
The i-Angel Magic 7 also allows you to carry your baby in several ways. Front-facing, inward-facing or like a backpack. We've tried the first two and our twins were totally okay with it. No fuss, no complaints! I guess, one reason is because the carrier is made using a breathable mesh fabric so it allows air to pass through. They love sleeping while being carried so this type of fabric lessens the chances of them sweating as they nap. Do note that carrying them can make it really warm for babies as our body heat easily gets transferred to them. Can you just imagine wrapping them in a carrier made out of thick fabric? Oh that can be so uncomfortable for our little ones.

Just like any i-Angel carrier, you can opt to just use the hipseat or with the carrier altogether. I normally would use just the hipseat if I'm going short distances within the house or while eating as my twins would have a separate chair. However, if we're running errands with them, then it's the full hipseat carrier set-up done.

iangel 3
Recently, I brought my family to the grocery as we were running low on diapers and laundry detergent. I just thought of filling up our fridge and pantry too. Unlike before where we would do our grocery shopping with the twins in their strollers, this time, Paul and I ditched the stroller for the meant time and carried them using our i-Angel baby carriers. I noticed that they really enjoyed it as they get to see more things at a higher level.

Check out the newest i-Angel Magic 7 available online at MightyBabyPH.

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