Franny Mommy : Bedtime story with #MyStarKidAdventure

At this age, my twins are more receptive towards routine. Day in and out, we have established certain routines in order for them to have better sleep patterns. I guess, this is also one thing that we made sure to have as taking care of twins is no walk in the park if you're not organized or have not done any routine to get them accustomed to their daily schedules.

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Bedtime for my twins is something we have first established as soon as they were born. It begins late in the afternoon where we give them a quick warm bath. They love this so much as it makes them feel relaxed and refreshed instantly. There are days when we're out till late so to make up for this, I'd always clean them up thoroughly as my twins have someone took on my OC nature and do not like feeling sticky, warm or icky. Following this, they would brush their teeth. This is something we've recently introduced as they have lots of teeth now and are eating more solids then before. Luckily, it's not hard to get them to brush their teeth. No struggling at the moment. *phew*

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L during one of our story time sessions
Next, we wind down by placing them in their play mat. No more TV, lights are dimmed and we just allow them to burn out the last bit of their energy in order to have a better, uninterrupted sleep. During this time we'd read one of their books or it would be story time. Oh, my twins love story time most especially my little girl L. Her eyes would sparkle as I turn each page and we would stay there for a minute or two as she would really look at the drawing on that particular page. Often times, she would babble and I'd take the opportunity to say some easy key words for her to absorb. After story-time, then we pray and off they go to bed.

star margarine app
Recently, I was introduced to Star Margarine's latest digital storybook and during one of our morning play time, I introduced this to the twins. One thing that caught their attention is the fact that the screen shows my face on a Mommy Dino body and Jacob's face on the Baby Dino body. L excitedly pointed on that screen and started babbling showing that she recognizes those faces as I told them the story.

star margarine app
I loved the story! It's actually short and easy to read which is perfect for my twins as they do not have long attention spans at the moment. Since they're really young, I took charge of leading where the story should go. Perhaps if they're much bigger, I'd let them choose as it would be nice to read various variations of the story depending on their choice.

If there's one thing that I really hope I can do regularly is to do story-telling sessions with my babies. Not only is it a good way to bond but it helps enrich their young minds too. I love seeing how they would react to the different visuals and they would give our sounds as if they're responding to the story too.

Try creating your own story at Star Margarine's website and start your story-telling sessions today. 

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