Franny Mommy : New Year, Clean House by Cleeneco (Mike Gamez)

Call it timely that as 2019 rolled in, Netflex suddenly launched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and I swear, everyone I know -- even the major hoarders and my non-OC friends have been giving their closets major overhaul, giving out what doesn't "spark joy" and basically, cleaning up their homes. Being a big OC nut, I've been Konmari-ying my closet regularly all my life. Cleaning up is, after all, second nature to me.

What I did differently though was to do a thorough clean of our room. It began when I noticed that my twins have been falling sick since their 1st birthday last October. I swear, we have been visiting their pedia pulmo every single month and we have been spending way more than we should on medicines. I also dread it whenever one or both of my twins fall sick as this spells sleepless nights and fussy days.

clean eco mike gamez 5
I learned about Cleeneco by Mike Gamez from several fellow mommies like E and D. They couldn't stop raving at how clean Mike's team has turned their house into after a full day of thorough cleaning. Finally, I managed to book a schedule with Mike who's super receptive and friendly on Instagram. He's very easy to talk to and he can do either per spot cleaning (by mattresses/ per item) or if you just want to do a good deep clean, I highly recommend going for a general cleaning. Payment is also a breeze as Mike accepts credit card payments aside from cash. I loved his service so much that we've availed of Mike's service twice already as of this writing.

First thing that I liked about Mike's team is how professional they were. We agreed at a certain time and they would always show up way before that. No such thing as "Filipino time" for this team. After giving them our instructions on which ones to clean first, they quickly got to work. No chitchats, no cellphone break. They would just stop for an hour to have their lunch and would come back to resume work quickly.

clean eco mike gamez 1
As we asked them to clean all our mattresses, car seats, strollers and even the kids' playpen, they went on scrubbing, steaming, vacuuming and drying. This was done by a lean manpower and I love how organized they were.

clean eco mike gamez 7
One thing that I also love is how they clean up as they go. One of my pet peeves is when a service personnel would leave the area so dirty with water drops or worst, muddy/black footprints on the floor. I have availed of Cleeneco's service twice and you are assured that everything becomes so shiny and clean at the end of their service.

clean eco mike gamez 6
They also don't leave any corner or spot uncleaned. For example, they would really go through the trouble of removing all bed sheets, pillow cases, sofa covers and even clean up the farthest corners of your closet or room. For once, I didn't had to point out random things as they clean as they pretty much got it all covered.

clean eco mike gamez 4
Lastly, as crazy as this may sound but I love looking at how much dirt and grime their Gruenheim machine would be able to collect. Seeing the dirty, almost black water tells me that they're able to effective collect that much dirt from my home which means, it's really getting cleaned.

I tell you, Cleeneco is every OC Mom's dream. I know that deep cleaning is indeed a luxury and requires a small investment too but it's one that I would gladly save up on to be able to do it on a regular basis. After all, I'd rather spend on having a clean home rather than having to spend on allergy and flu medicines.

Check out Cleeneco by Mike Gamez on Instagram. You can call him at 09778558080 to book a slot. 

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