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I have to admit that I was pretty OC prior to having my babies. I love it when things are organized and clean and I would stop at nothing to achieve this every single day. All my life, I am aware of my OC-ness and Paul never failed to complain verbalize this whenever he can. Perhaps from a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most OC, I'd probably be a 9. That's pretty high, don't you think? However, what I wasn't ready for was how this OC-ness would reach its peak from the moment my twins were born.

I guess, it comes with the fact that they were NICU babies. They were smaller and more fragile than other full term babies thus I made sure that not a single dust would fall on them as I just wanted to protect them in the best way I can.

Don't worry, I didn't turn into some crazy OC Mommy but I was just extra extra cautious as I just wanted to ensure that I've covered all bases when it comes to making their environment as clean as possible at least for the first 6 months of their lives. Nowadays, I'm more lenient as I don't want them to be so used to being super duper clean which might later hinder them from building up the antibodies against germs, dust and pollution someday. Agree?

beginnings baby 4
Anyway, one thing that I made sure of was to dress them up in white clothes when they were newborn. From their side-tie-shirts to their comfy pajamas to even the wash clothes used to wipe their spit ups and what not. I also requested their yayas (nannies) to not wear black especially when they have to carry my babies simply because wearing dark colored shirts won't let you see if there's any insect or any dirt which might get in contact with the babies. I was so happy that they understood my point and happily complied.

Speaking of white outfits, one local brand that I loved was Beginnings Baby. Let's face it, when you shop at the department store, you get to see a wide array for brands. I never shopped this much in my life but since I have two babies to dress up, I have been frequenting my favorite department store more often than usual that I am so familiar with the designs and styles of each local brand. One reason why I love Beginnings Baby is because of the soft texture of its fabric. We all know how sensitive a baby's skin is and among all the side-tie-shirts and wash clothes that we have purchased, this one is the softest one. It's so silky to touch and cool when it touches the skin. I can just imagine how comfortably my twins must have felt while wearing this.

beginnings baby 2
Truly, they totally did away with the cutesy designs and instead focus on giving what's best for our precious babies. I got to admit, I like dressing my twins white then as it also allows me to save a bit instead of buying one whole set of clothes for each. As we all know that babies can outgrow their size so easily and dressing my twins in white allowed me to use the same set of clothes on L and J. I don't have to worry about color coordination or matching designs as it's just all white. This truly made my life as a twin mom much much easier.

beginnings baby 5
Yesterday, Paul and I went to check out the Grand Baby Fair at SM Megamall. I'll tell you more about the fair in the coming days but luckily, we saw the Beginnings Baby booth and since we're awaiting the arrival of my soon-to-be-nephew in the coming days, I went to buy some essentials for him -- wash clothes, side-tie-shirts, towels and sleeveless shirts (as the warm summer months can be a torture for babies). It's amazing that they are one of the most reasonably priced brands in the market and the quality is just superb. I hope Shoti S will enjoy wearing his Beginnings Baby ensemble.

With sizes good from 0 months to 12 months, this was indeed one of my best purchases last year. We managed to buy their side-tie-shirts, onesies, mittens, booties and cloth diapers then. Would you believe that till today, we would still use their wash clothes. This is also the one that I'd use to wipe their faces whenever they cry (which they do a lot lately especially whenever they fight over a toy or they just want to get our attention*sigh*) or would be down with a bad cold as the soft texture is very gentle on their delicate faces.

iya villania
Look who I also saw shopping at the Beginnings Baby booth! The last time I saw Iya was back in July when she was still pregnant with Baby Leon. Fast forward to today, here's this pretty momma also shopping for her baby's essentials. So happy that she still remembered me! :)

Anyway, I'll stop "talking" now and it's time for you to get ready and head over to SM Megamall as the Grand Baby Fair ends tomorrow. Check out my Instagram account for more updates on the fair.

Visit Beginnings Baby's online store here.

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