Chocolate Dream Cake from The Culinary Studio, San Juan

Hello 2019! 

I honestly can't believe 2018 just flew by so fast. Just like that, my twins are now 14 months old (wow!) and they've literally went from them being tiny, fragile newborns to active, super talkative toddlers. Over-all, 2018 was a good year for us. It's this year that we've learned so much as new parents, as freelance professionals and as start-up entrepreneurs. I got to admit that at first, it wasn't easy. I've been part of the corporate world for more than a decade and I'm someone who loves schedules, routines and specific job scopes. It took a while but I feel like I'm slowly getting there. For one thing, I do value the time that I get to spend with my twins. I know this is considered a luxury and I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to be at the front row as I watch them grow.

I face the New Year with a lot of optimism. I hope that it will be a bigger year than what 2018 was to us. I pray for good health and safety for everyone in our family and for everyone who's dear to us. I hope for stronger relationships and genuine friendships. This year, I am excited that our small family will have a new additional member in a matter of weeks. As I welcomed my niece A, two years ago, I am looking forward to create fun memories with her soon-to-be little brother too. It's amazing to think that we were once just a family of 4 which later became 6 and soon.. we will be 10. The house of my parents, for instance, can never be kept tidy or organized with all their little toys and shoes scattered around, we've long said good bye to the concept of "peace and quiet" but I can say that our little ones have just given more meaning and color to our lives from the time they were born. As the saying goes: "Sometimes the smallest things occupy the biggest space in your heart."

choco dream cake culinary studio 3
Anyway, I would like to start the year by sharing with you one of my favorite finds for 2018 -- Chocolate Dream Cake. This was clearly one of the most trending dessert of the year and I've lost count of the number of bakeries, restaurants, home bakers that are offering this. I've tried one of the pioneers and I loved it. However, this one I loved the most as it wasn't as gooey or sweet compared to the others. I love it so much that I gave this out to most of my family members and friends in hopes that they'll like it as much as I do.

choco dream cake culinary studio 2
This is by Culinary Studio which is located in San Juan City. Jenn, the talented lady behind it, is really a professional baker. She makes cakes in all shapes and sizes and I somehow discovered her page while searching for a cake maker who can supply one of my twins' monthly cakes. Incidentally, her family used to also own one of the yummiest shabu shabu restaurants in town. I was so sad that they ceased operations and till this day, I've been bugging her to bring it back to life.

choco dream cake culinary studio 1
Anyway, one thing that you'll notice about this Chocolate Dream Cake (Php. 400) is how moist the cake is. I love the fluffy, springy chiffon bottom and the mousse was very light. It's definitely one that you can get a bigger piece without feeling too full (umay/jelat) even after several spoonfuls. I also enjoyed cracking the top layer every time. This is like the Kinder Surprise version for choco lovers!

It was so good that I quickly placed my Christmas orders. In fact, I have planned on giving something else this year but after tasting this, I knew that I had to make some quick revisions as I was so excited to let our family and friends try this as well.

I'm happy to share that The Culinary Studio will be offering the Chocolate Dream Cake year-round! Leave Jenn a message at 0917-820-0085 to order. 

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