Guangdong Zongzi 广东粽子 by Harmony Cantonese Kitchen

In food, there's one thing that I strongly believe in. "You don't need to offer a long list of dishes but simply just highlight on that one or two items that you're extremely good at and you're sure to succeed."

harmony zongzi 3
I guess this belief can easily be applied to any aspect in life but let's stick to food for now. Take for example, Harmony Cantonese Kitchen. It's a very new home food business that specializes on one thing -- their delicious glutinous Guangdong-style Zongzi. Here in Manila, this is more commonly known as machang. Steamed glutinous rice packed with an assortment of meat, nuts and spices and wrapped in bamboo/lotus leaves.

harmony zongzi 1
Each box comes in 3s (Php. 500) of 4s (Php. 650). As opposed to the Hokkien-style machang which is brown in color and normally has chestnuts, a fat slice of pork and some nuts, this one is white in color and has all the yummy filling such as lap cheong (chinese sausage), pork, salted egg and mushroom. It has a cleaner, less salty taste which is perhaps why it's made white and somehow it doesn't have that bitter after taste that you'd get from the dried leaf too. You can really taste the difference of it being homemade vs the more commercialized ones in the market.

Normally, I'd eat my zongzi with lots of tomato ketchup but I tried to just enjoy it as it is and I really liked it. This is definitely one of the best zongzi that I've had probably next to the ones that Paul and I would buy in Singapore during the Dragon Boat Festival around May. I'm glad that I can finally enjoy this one year-round whenever and wherever the craving arises.

harmony zongzi 2
Shelf life is around 3 months and reheating is super easy! Just thaw it out and steam over water for 15-20 minutes.

Should you wish to also try and order these delicious Guangdnong Zongzi, call Harmony Cantonese Kitchen at +63-919-8329992. Follow them on Instagram also for faster communication and updates. 

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