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I got to admit, I'm not really good in doing household chores. In fact, I really had to learn things that hard way when Paul and I relocated to the Lion City a few years ago. With no helper with us, we were pretty much left to do things on our own. It was hard at first. We've dealt with stressful days, mishaps, burnt food, ruined clothes and more. Eventually, we got the hang of things and learned some tricks here and there.

By the time Paul and I decided to get our own condo unit, we got our designated household assignments down pat. He took care of the laundry -- washing, drying, ironing, the works! He became so good at it that he even have his own washing/ironing schedule done on a weekly basis. As for me, I took care of anything in the kitchen. Cooking, preparing Paul's breakfast and lunch to be brought to work, cleaning every single corner of the kitchen, doing the grocery and dishwashing.

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Given my very OCD nature, you can just imagine the things I'd do to keep our kitchen super clean. Every day, I'd make sure that after I cook, I would wash all my pots, pans, utensils and dishes. I'd also scrub our gas range and walls to ensure that no oil splatter is left untouched overnight. Even our fridge gets a good scrub regularly and this also includes the oven, the rice cooker and basically everything that I use on a daily basis. Our kitchen in Singapore was my sanctuary. I enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes there as you can see in this link. Every night, after dinner, I'd happily take on the responsibility of washing our dishes. For me, it's my way to de-stress and my time to think and reflect. Also, I really make sure that our plates are grease-free and squeaky clean.

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Have you ever encountered dealing with super oily plates? Perhaps one that had your fried chicken or stir-fried noodles or worst, anything with butter? Let me tell you about my little trick -- I just boil up some hot water and pour this into the plate/bowl/utensils and I'd put in one to two drops of Joy Dishwashing Liquid. Leave it for a few minutes and believe me, it works amazingly in breaking the oil apart. Just wash it off and you got clean, oil-free plates and utensils! The claim in their advertisement is 101% true! Try it.

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Apart from the icky feeling of having oily, slimy or worst, grimey plates is the thought that bacteria can actually breed there if not cleaned well. As a Mom, health is my top priority. For one thing, I, myself, can't fall sick. I always remind myself that my twins need me and so I do everything that I can to stay healthy. For instance, I love cooking pasta and mac and cheese but we all know how greasy that can turn your pan and plates into. A simple drop of the Best Ever Joy helps cut our time from scrubbing and washing and more time for play and cuddles with my babies.

So that's my #ZeroWorries dishwashing trick when it comes to dealing with oily plates. What about you?

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