Franny Mommy : You're now TWO!

Dearest J & L,

Where did the days go? Just last year, I remembered throwing your first birthday party together with our family and our closest friends. I can't believe it has been a year since then and you're now blowing out two candles from your cake. 

ang twins
This year, Mommy and Daddy became really busy with work. I still feel bad that I no longer can spend every waking hour with the two of you but someday, I hope you'll understand why Mommy had to go to the office or when Daddy and I had to leave you with Ama and Kongkong to attend meetings. Everything that we do now is for the two of you and as I reach home at night, nothing makes my stress and fatigue go away in a snap than with your warm hugs and never-ending kisses. I love it when you would continue to increase your daily count of saying "Mama" day after day. Mama loves you both super duper duper too. 

ang twins
This year is a year of big developments for the two of you. You're now both walking and running, you can reach and open cabinets which is why we had to buy those locks to keep you safe (and our things inside safe from you hehe). You can say more words now. My favorites include "bow wow", "wow", "yay" , "Daddy daddy", "dog" , "duck" and of course, "Mama". I'm thankful that you both have each other. I love watching the two of you play especially early in the morning while Mommy and Daddy try to sleep a bit more. I love how the both of you would look for each other first thing in the morning. I know that you'll be each other's lifelong best friends so please take care of one another. No fighting okay? 

ang twins
We also enrolled the both of you at Kindermusik and it's probably one of the best decisions that we've made this year. At first, Daddy and I were worried why J won't even respond to our voice or even to utter a single word. One month in class and we saw how the both of you would be more responsive to teacher, you would follow instructions and even while running around the room for an hour, you just love the music and stories that teacher would share. Yesterday was your graduation and I had to fight back tears as I started to get sentimental. You're both growing at record speed. I no longer have newborn babies and instead, I have two very smart and growing toddlers. 

ang twins
Know that you have a family that loves you, J & L. You also have your godparents who will always be there to guide you. Continue to stay curious and charming my little twin stars. They say that two year olds can throw tantrums, can be difficult and whiney. Let's take each day as it comes okay and I look forward to a fun year ahead. 

I love you both,

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