The Creamery Catering now has Party Trays

If there's one thing that I probably took after my Kongkong aside for his love for food, it's being passionate about entertaining and planning parties. I'm not talking about the glitzy and glamorous parties but rather more of intimate house parties with the best food, non-stop laughter and great stories shared all night long. Since coming home to Manila and having my twins, I haven't had the chance to entertain guests at home. However, this doesn't stop me from keeping myself updated with the best food suppliers in the metro. "You'll never know when you'll need one" is one thing that I always keep in mind.

I always believe that the secret to having the best party is to have the yummiest food. We remember how great a party was because of the food that we got to enjoy coupled with the fun experience that we had. This was also why Paul and I agreed to prioritize our food during our wedding reception as we do not want our guests heading straight to McDonald's after because they had such an awful meal. That would totally break my heart. Luckily, our family sang high praises for the Chinese lauriat that we had during our BIG day and that made us really happy.

the creamery catering 1
Pork Sisig Soft Taco with my hand-painted ceramic pigs at the background ;)
Anyway, The Creamery Catering has been one of my go-to and favorite catering service for a couple of years now. More so now that we get to be invited to 1st birthdays, I really get excited when I find out that they have The Creamery as their caterer. One thing that I love about The Creamery is how every dish is so good. They're really creative too which is a plus but over-all, their taste beats most of the catering services out there. Furthermore, I love how pretty everything always look. As they say, you feast with your eyes first before you actually dig in and seeing the visual appearances of their dishes will truly get you more excited to take a bite.

The reality is, we can't always throw big parties anytime we want to. I'm glad that The Creamery now offers smaller party trays which is good for an average of 15 pax. That would be so good especially for smaller family gatherings. Imagine, my little family of 4 has now expanded to 10 already! Add in our trusted helpers and reliable yayas and we're around 16 already. That's good for one party tray.

One of my favorite dishes from The Creamery is their Pork Sisig Soft Tacos. I first tried this during the birthday party of little G and since Paul and I were luckily seated close to the buffet table, we just kept going back and back while the kids were busy with the program as we just love the crunchy pork sisig wrapped in soft and warm tortilla wrapper and drizzled with The Creamery's homemade sauce. So so so good! You can order this now and DIY your own Pork Sisig Soft Taco!

the creamery catering 3
Another must-try dish is their Kare Kare Pasta. I love Kare Kare and I love pasta! I told my friend Michelle that this one was a winner. Hats off to The Creamery for creating this dish that put together one of our Filipino favorites and made it into a pasta dish for everyone to enjoy. Imagine al dente pasta noodles that's properly coated in creamy peanut sauce with meat, veggies and bagoong too. This will surely elicit at lot of oohs and ahhs from your family and friends when you serve this in your next gathering.

the creamery catering 2
Lastly, my twins' ultimate favorite from The Creamery -- Mushroom Buns! I tell you, leave one whole platter with the twins and expect this to be gone in record time. Even my little picky eater loves nibbling on the soft mantou-like dough and she would even open it up and eat all the mushroom filling inside. Meanwhile, J would start from the bottom up, munching on the stalk until he gets to the top of the "mushroom" where it's filled with savory minced mushroom in oyster sauce. I personally loved this too! Which reminds me, I think we need to order this again very soon.

These are just some of our favorites from The Creamery. I'm actually getting them again for an upcoming event with my batchmates and I can't wait!

Check out The Creamery Catering's Facebook page or call them at (632) 8 477-8322, (632) 8 477-8018 or (632) 8 477-8528 to order.

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