the MiXeD uP Store

Not so long ago, my sister and I started a small business. We stumbled upon this opportunity when a good friend offered us to sell her bags and just told us to give it a try. We took her offer and with no expectations, we posted our homemade photos online.

Guess what?! Those wonderful bags sold like pancakes! In fact, we ended up seeing our friend/supplier on a daily basis to replenish our stock. Thus, on that fateful day -- April 19, 2004, MiXeD uP was born. From bags, we added our line up with accessories, clothes and shoes!

Running MiXeD uP has taught my sister and I a couple of valuable lessons that I doubt we'll ever learn in school. What I love most about the business was having the privilege to meet a number of wonderful buyers turned friends.

We loved our business so much that it was hard to let it go for a while to give way to bigger priorities (school for her, work for me). Nonetheless, we never said goodbye to MiXeD uP and vowed that someday it will be back.

and we kept our promise....

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