Starting my 2009 travel plans

If there's one local event that I always make it a point to go to, it would be to see this

Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival
13 Feb 2009 - 15 Feb 2009

No matter how early we have to be up to make it to the Clark Aviation Field. No matter how traffic it can get. It's all worth it the moment we see these breathtaking flying wonders get blown up and start flying up up and away!

This will definitely be a yearly tradition. A great way to start another travel year!

See you all there!


  1. That reminds me...I haven't seen the balloons at Clark yet. The one and only time I went, the balloons didn't come *face palm*

  2. ay nako ill go there this time around! bwhahaha di ako nakapunta last year eh.

  3. @nina: i know what you mean. we were so lucky that the morning we went to watch the balloons were able to fly. we were told nga that for the past 2 days it failed to do so

    @shoti bong: go go go! :)

  4. We've always been planning but never got to. Maybe another post can be about tips about going there? Like what time, do we have to park far and then walk, etc.? Thank you!

  5. yay! i was there last feb! hmmm.. i'm still thinking if pupunta ko next year.. :P

  6. @bachelor girl: hi lorna! surely ill work on that probably sometime near feb :) thanks so much for the suggestion!

    @princess_dyanie: its a really nice event :)


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