Starbucks Coffee for the Chocoholic Soul

My friend and fellow blogger Phoebe once mentioned to me that she loves the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar from Starbucks Coffee. Sadly, I can't agree with her just yet simply because I haven't tried it myself.

Luckily, while attending the first of the 2nd batch of Dialogues at Starbucks event earlier, I was able to have a taste of this newest addition to the chocolate food line up of my favorite coffee shop.

I took a close look at the small square pastry given to me. It has two layers where the top portion is a peanut butter square resting above a brownie-looking base. It's topped with the most rich and and gooey-looking chocolate fudge icing that wasn't too sweet nor was it bitter at all.

I can imagine enjoying this while drinking my favorite hazelnut latte. Yum!


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