FlapJacks: The newest breakfast nook in Greenhills

"I can eat breakfast all day long!"
This is what I'd usually tell friends and family who would wonder why am I chowing down on Eggs Benedict for lunch or I would choose Pancakes and Sausages for dinner. I guess, I am a breakfast person. Not the kind who would wake up really early but more of the one who would definitely prefer a plate filled with pancakes or waffles instead of a juicy slab of steak.

Sadly, more often than not, I would get a blank-then-followed-by-an-amused look from the waiter whenever I would sweetly ask if I can still choose from their breakfast menu even if it's time for dinner. Oh, how I love American diners that serves breakfast meals the entire day!

Luckily, a new breakfast nook called FlapJacks has recently opened in Greenhills! Said to be a part of the Bistro Group of Companies, I was really intrigued and excited to try it out!

Of course, trying out a new restaurant is more fun with the company of great friends! Thus giving me, Paul and my friends: Sab, Didi, Jane and Chris a reason to meet up one Tuesday night to catch up on our lives (and believe me, a LOT can happen in a month's time!) and to really see for ourselves what FlapJacks is all about.

The verdict?

Perhaps we should first look at the two dishes that Paul and I ordered to share:

Flapjacks Ultimate Breakfast (Php.195)

An order of the Ultimate Breakfast allows you to make LOADS of choices! First, you choose whether you want to have it with garlic rice or with 2 pieces of pancakes. Next, you choose your meat accompaniment. Would you want it with a piece of sliced Ham? Perhaps you'd go for the three crunchy strips of bacon instead or like me, you would prefer getting 4 pieces of Country Sausages. Still confused, just go with what your heart desires and enjoy your very own breakfast combination!

Paul and I got two pieces of Pancakes with the Country Sausages. We were, at first, deciding whether to get the rice instead since it would seem to go well with the egg however we were also curious and excited to try their pancakes. After all, the name FlapJacks is synonymous to pancakes. Therefore, this must be their specialty.


Slicing through the two pieces of pancakes was pretty easy but as we took our first bites, we felt as though something is missing. Shouldn't it be more fluffy? Perhaps it tastes a bit stale? We're still having a hard time describing what's wrong but sadly, FlapJacks' pancakes barely met our expectations. On the other hand, I enjoyed the country sausages but it would have been better if they have removed the outer plastic covering as this can easily choke a diner who might accidentally shallow a big piece.

Open Faced Tuna Melt Sandwich (Php. 196

FlapJacks doesn't only have breakfast meals but they also offer a couple of Lunch and Dinner Specials. We followed Jane and Chris' lead and ordered the Open Faced Tuna Melt Sandwich to share.

The sandwich was served with two slices of bread with a thick spread of tuna chunks and lastly, topped with a piece of cheese and sliced tomatoes. In fairness, I enjoyed eating this one more than the Ultimate Breakfast. However, I feel that the price is a bit steep considering it's your usual tuna sandwich that was just opened up and topped with some extras.

Surveying the table, I seem to like the look of Sab's Country Fried Steak (Php. 205) and Jane's Create your own Omelette (Php. 195). Maybe we should try those on our 2nd visit as I'm obviously determined to give FlapJacks another round.

Though the food was pretty ordinary, the company definitely made up for it. We definitely had a great time listening to Sab's funny stories, getting a bit creeped out with Chris' ghostly encounters and feel excited for Achi Didi's wedding preparations. Thank God for wonderful friends :)

FlapJacks is located at the Ground Floor of the Greenhills Theatre Mall. You may call them at 584-0638-39.

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