Oh Lulu Belle!

"Hi Fran! You should try Lulu Belle here in Rockwell, it's so pink! You'll love it."
This was the message sent to me by a friend who knows just how much I love the color pink. I quickly replied back asking her what is Lulu Belle and where exactly it's located. Thanks to my friend and fellow bloggers Anton and Lori, I found out that Lulu Belle is the newest venture of the FIC group.

"It's FIC's newest dessert place that specializes in yogurt. It's located at the top floor where the billiard and bowling center used to be"
My jaw dropped as I read my friend's reply. What?! Has it been that long since I've been to the Powerplant Mall? I'm really intrigued and excited to check both the mall and Lulu Belle out.

This afternoon, Paul and I found ourselves strolling around the mall. We made our way from the ground floor up to the newest area that houses a number of stores for kids and (perhaps even for) the kids at heart.

I love the facade of each store with tall glass doors and signages displayed up high. Right in the middle is the new Kidz Station where we saw a lot of tiny tots happily running around. Finally, I saw Lulu Belle. True enough, the store has a very clean, pink and white ambiance with a cute logo of a happy looking flying cow in between the names "Lulu" and "Belle".

We entered the store and were warmly greeted by a team of servers donning pink and white checkered aprons. I guess it was pretty obvious that it was our first time, perhaps our confused looks on the menu easily gave ourselves away. Thankfully, one helpful server offered to give us a sample of each yogurt flavor to make it easily for us to choose. Trying the strawberry, natural and green tea, I liked the strawberry yogurt the best. It has just the right amount of sweetness against the naturally sour taste of the yogurt. The green tea was a bit too powerful that I was a bit overwhelmed with the sweet, sour and bitter taste all mixed into one tiny cup. Finally, I had my chosen flavor.

The next step was to choose whether I want it served in a cup or blended as a smoothie. I figured out that I might as well get it in its natural form on my first visit.

The third and final step was to choose a topping. I'd say, this was pretty challenging. With more than twelve toppings to choose from, I had a hard time choosing just one that I ended up with two of my favorites instead: almonds and frosties.

Finally, my cup of yogurt was served:

my strawberry yogurt in a cup with frosties and almonds.

Ohh..I love the creaminess of the yogurt! I really enjoyed digging into my cup as Paul and I continued our window shopping around the mall. I guess I was loving it so much and once again, it showed that Paul couldn't resist but to take a couple of scoops from the cup for himself. (hehehe)

I love you pink Lulu Belle Ü

Lulu Belle is located at the 3rd floor of the Power Plant Mall (Playground Section).

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