Mission Accomplished [Starbucks Planner 2009 #1]

Barely two weeks ago, I began my coffee drinking spree with a short non-fat Toffee Nut Latte. Today, I dropped by one of my favorite Starbucks store to proudly hand over my complete sticker cards in order to redeem a stylish, black 2009 planner.

I have been trained well by the Green Siren. Therefore, in the spirit of Christmas, I am passing on the cheer by giving my 1st planner to my sister.

And to everyone out there who's curious to see what this famous planner looks like, here are some snapshots for you to enjoy Ü

lovely black box

i love this year's theme: begin.grow.flow.

presenting Starbucks Coffee's 2009 planner

attention to detail: i love the cute antique-looking logo charm

my favorite entry page which incidentally falls on my birth month Ü

I can't wait to finally get my very own Starbucks 2009 Planner in RED!


  1. thanks sis!! :P i got "sponsored stickers" from my colleagues too! yahoooo

  2. congrats fran! im working on my 3rd now. onward march! hehehe.

  3. The logo charm is cute... makes me think :D

  4. congrats Fran! Uy, parang natempt tuloy ako na mag collect ng stickers. I love the simplicity of this year's planner. Kung kelan naman bumili na ako ng BDJ planner for 2009, hehehe... =)

  5. hi, i have questions and i hope you guys can help me out

    1. how much is a short hot holiday drink? how about a short iced holiday drink?

    2. does anyone have a list of frapuccino flavors for the philippines? is it the same for all stores? if im not mistaken, there are 8 coffee based, 4 cream based. if you can send me the prices as well, that would help.

    please email me at diggory2003@yahoo.com. thanks

  6. got my blue planner today! :D



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