Love Ko 'To

If I were to look back and remember my first ever foodie experience at a child, it would probably consists of spaghetti, cheeseburger, hot fudge sundae and the best tasting thing ever created called the fries. As a child, I grew up loving Ronald McDonald and his friends Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie and a whole lot more!

While unwinding tonight, I thought of visiting YouTube and view the different McDonalds TVCs made around the world.

Here are some of my favorites:





and lastly, our very own McDonald's ad...


*video source: YouTube


  1. Fave ko naman yung "Eto para sa paborito kong apo... si Karen" kakaiyak... =)

  2. @badet: me naman i love the "pana-panahon" ad grabe sobfest ako dun!!

  3. ay si jenny ng endless love pla yung korea! cute nung sa egypt pero syempre mas maganda yung sa atin! :)

  4. Franny, ang drama pala ng commercial natin sa McDo :) Great treatment though! And french fries with sundae already existed then!


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