Fourth Time's a Charm : The Pepper Lunch Story

While I love trying out new restaurants on a regular basis, I also seek comfort in places where I know I can always get good food and wonderful service. Such is the case for Pepper Lunch. It can be seen how much I love the place from the numerous times that I've blogged about it here, here and here.

It's funny because no matter how often I visit, it always takes a while for me to decide on my order simply because everything looks so good. I always have a hard time deciding whether I should order something new or get any one of those that I love.

Over lunch today, I tried a combination of something that I have already tried before and something new. No, I didn't order a feast for myself but instead got the Unagi & Salmon Set (Php. 538). I'm not really sure if this is available for a limited time only, nonetheless I'm glad I was finally able to try it.

Served on the same sizzling plate, I was also given a saucer filled with sweet Unagi sauce which I generously poured over my salmon, unagi and rice. I savored the deliciously smell as I turned and cook my fish. The salmon was very tender and juicy, simply just the way I like it. Whereas the Unagi is very fresh and unlike other restaurants, Pepper Lunch's unagi has very fine to non-existent bones which is good because it can be a hassle to eat this sweet tasting fish if you always have to watch out for the sharp thin fish bones.

What I've also noticed is that their plates do not come with the white paper band anymore. This is supposed to protect you from unwanted stains or spills coming from your plate. Hmmm..cost-cutting perhaps?

Though, it was rather an expensive meal, I enjoyed every single bite of it. Also, I'm thankful that the management already has a box of fabric deodorizer which was really helpful considering that I have a presentation to attend right after lunch.

I love love love Love You Pepper Lunch!

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  1. Thank you for eating with us again!
    It is great to have returning customers and nice to see you blogging about PL.

    We were out of paper sleeves because we didn't order new ones in time, sorry about that but they should have been available yesterday but i know learned they will arrive monday latest :-(

    The good part is, it will not effect the taste!

    Our unagi is directly imported from Japan unlike most restaurants in Manila who get theirs from taiwan. This makes all the different in taste and texture :-)

    happy sizzling!


  2. hi jeroen! wow it's really an honor to have you visit my site Ü no worries about the paper sleeves, i actually just noticed that we didnt have it when i was already half way through my lunch :)
    will you have the unagi as part of your regular menu or is it just available for a limited time only?


  3. Hi Fran,

    The unagi is a promo but since our customers like the dishes we are extending it till end of february or longer... we will see :-)

    Have you tried PL in Shang by the way?

  4. hi jeroen!

    oh goodie! im sure paul would love the unagi since he's a big fan of this fish too! re. Shang, unfortunately I wasn't able to see your new store yet, it has been a while since I've actually visited that mall. Maybe I should one of these days :)



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