How an MMDA enforcer can ruin one's night

Today was a pretty easy day.

No panic requests, a semi-close deal with an advertiser, an email containing positive remarks from one of my superiors and best of all, I was able to shop -- something that I haven't done for a long time.

I had to drop by Robinsons Galleria to do some errands after work. Wanting to be able to reach home to still catch my family awake, I skipped dinner at the mall and opted to just grab something on the way home.

I was driving out of the mall's compound exiting via the EDSA opening. I followed the arrows which says "To Greenhills" and waited for the red light to turn green. Unfortunately, a greedy looking, MMDA enforcer saw me and quickly approached my car and tapped on the window. I was dumbfounded. I knew I followed the signs and I have no idea why I was being approached. I politely asked him what my violation was and he can't even give me a straight answer. He asked for my license which I stupidly handed over and began to walk away instructing me to cross the intersection and to wait for him. Booboo #1.

I was shocked and unfortunately was not able to get his name. Booboo #2. I waited for a minute or two and Greedy-looking MMDA was no where to be found. Luckily, another MMDA, this time an older-looking lady, was standing nearby. I opened my window to call her but she looked the other way. I was desparate. I honked and screamed to get her attention. Finally, she approached me.

Then the Drama Queen enters

Tears began to roll down my eyes as I pleaded for her to help me. I gave her a sob story and prayed that she'll believe me. It worked! She did and called her companion to give me my license. An older-looking MMDA guy handed me my license and told me to be careful next time.

Hell yeah! I'll be very careful towards greedy looking MMDA enforcers who would do ANYTHING for money. I drove away without giving them any "suhol" (corruption money) but felt very drained and definitely not in the mood for dinner anymore.

To all greedy MMDAs out there, thank you for ruining my night and that of your other victims. Also remember...Karma-karma lang yan.

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