Rejuvenate. Revive. Relax. at Starbucks

After indulging in all those to-die-for sweet desserts and heart-stopping, cholesterol-loaded dishes during the holiday season, Starbucks Coffee has launched their new line of healthy drinks and food items for us to enjoy (minus the guilt!).

I was so excited to check them out that I dropped by my office Starbucks store one day early. The barista, trying her best to suppress her laughter and amusement, just told me to come back the following day.

Of course, I did as told and found myself leaving the store with a short warm Green Tea Soy Latte on my hand. mmmmmm...!

Tonight, Paul and I tried the Granola Yogurt Cheesecake (Php. 120/slice). This cake reminded me of one dinner that I had with my friends a couple of months ago. After dinner, I treated them to dessert which includes a Granola Cheesecake that some of my colleagues truly love. Knowing that my friends love anything healthy, I figured that they will enjoy this cake as well. Thankfully, I was right!

Paul and I took one look at the cake and agreed that it's a bit too small for a normal slice. Also, the cake somehow lacks the tart-y yogurt flavor that I was expecting for it to have. The crust was good though and so was the granola topping.

Nothing spectacular and yes, I honestly still liked the other Granola Cheesecake more.

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