From Cebu to Manila.... With love (for ribs)

I can still remember my trip early last year to Cebu. It was the farthest place that I've ever traveled to for work. For one thing, to get there requires riding a plane.

Upon arrival at sunny Cebu, we were warmly greeted by our fellow partners who excitedly toured us around. While walking around Ayala Center Cebu, one of the city's major shopping malls, I asked a partner what are the must-eat places around the area and without even batting her eyelashes, she said, " You have to try the ribs at Bigby's".

Unfortunately, our time in Cebu was pretty limited and most of our meals were taken inside the resort, thus I said goodbye to Cebu without having a taste of Bigby's famous ribs. Needless to say, I was disappointed and vowed to return to Cebu soon.

SM Megamall's Atrium is starting to be one of the places that we frequently visit during the weekends. It's very exciting to see a new restaurant opening one right after the other in a matter of days. Unlike my first visit where there were just a handful of restaurants thus making it very easy for me to choose where to eat, our last visit was a different story. There were around a dozen restaurants already from the ground to the third level of The Atrium that it took Paul and I quite a while to decide where to eat. It wasn't until we reached the 3rd level and a friendly girl server from Bigby's approached us with their menu. I immediately recognized the name and verified if this is the same Bigby's from Cebu. After hearing her confirmation, we found ourselves happily seated inside the restaurant.

We scanned their menu but of course we already knew what to get. I am really happy with the superb service that we got from our server Jhay who suggested that we split the ribs into two because the serving is big. We did as told and just got one Rack-a-bye-baby (Php. 365) to share.

True enough, our orders came and we were each served with a big plate of ribs on top of a generous serving of herb rice and a couple of buttered veggies at the side.

I took a bite of the buttered string beans and liked it right away. It has the perfect crunch and the butter flavor simply coated the vegetables without being too overpowering.

The ribs, as promised by my former colleague in Cebu, was very tender and the meat easily falls off the bone without much struggle. Now, that's what I call the perfect ribs!

Paul, who loves sauces, enjoyed dipping practically everything on his BBQ sauce. We even scooped a small amount and drizzled this on top of his herb rice. I, on the other hand, enjoyed my ribs with very minimal sauce. I think it's perfectly marinated and grilled that the flavor is well-suited to my taste.

Spying around, I also noticed that a number of customers ordered their pork chops, onion rings and dessert. I'm so happy that Bigby's is finally in town!

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of SM Megamall's The Atrium. They also have branches in Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod and Davao.

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