Ako ang Simula ng Pagbabago

Finally the secret is out!

Last month, my sister and I were invited by fellow bloggers Jane and her daughter Christa to join the shoot of the Ako ang Simula MTV.

Initially, I thought we were just allowed to cover the shoot and eventually to blog about it, little did I know that we will actually be part of the video.

This video is ABS-CBN's campaign for the upcoming elections. My sister and I truly believe in the power of one's vote and how we can make things happen.

At long last, the video has been launched and it's out in the public!

See my 7 seconds of fame happen! :) (see frames 00:50 and 00:46)

Take a peek at some photos taken during the shoot:

train shoot

Direk checking the scenes

with Pat Evangelista


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