Singapore, I can't wait to see you LAH!!

It was at 4AM when I finally pressed the Publish Post button. After a short prayer, I sent in my second entry and just hoped for the best. That was it. I gave my best shot, the rest is up to Him.

Last Monday just like any other typical morning. I got to work on time, opened my computer and went through my email inbox. I went on working up until I got a message from a fellow blogger asking me how I was. Little did I know that he would be my bearer of great news that would not only make my day but my week and month as well!

I won the contest and I'm flying to Singapore in 9 days!!! Yahooooooo!!!

This is actually the shortest time I have left to prepare for a trip. I'm speeding up my research time and quickly listing down the places and food that I will make sure to visit and try during my stay!

Updating myself about what's new in Singapore is such a breeze! I found this new localized website called gives us, Filipinos, a better glimpse of Singapore. I enjoyed reading the Sing Stories and the Pinoy Top 10 that lists the Ten Must-Eat dishes in Singapore!

I'm counting down the days as I look forward to trying the various gastronomic treats that Singapore has to offer!

Any suggestions on how I can make my trip to Singapore totally amazing? :)


  1. fran! don't forget the chili crabs ah! enjoy SG! :)

  2. Sa Food Republic at Wistma Atria, try the Fried Prawn Mee. It's not hard to find that stall, since it's the only one always with a long queue.

    When you get tried of walking (and in Singapore, you'll walk a LOT!), do try the Singapore River Cruise. It's a bit pricey at SG$18 per person, pero it's really relaxing and it's a nice way to see the other sights of Singapore.

    Have fun in SG Fran :D

  3. Franny!!! Yey! I'm going, too! =) I'm so happy I know someone na... I've never been to Singapore!

  4. @dyanie: thanks thanks!!

    @nina: yay!! took all those things down :)

    @jon: the countdown continues!!

    @frances: yay! so exciting!

  5. Excited to see you soon! I love bringing good news!

  6. Try the original Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel. ;) Hik!

  7. @carlos: thanks again for being the bearer of great news!

    @roch: thanks dear :)

    @rey jr: ohhh something to look forward to :)

  8. Hi, recently been to Singapore..just want to share my post with you =)

  9. Hope you had great times when you visited Singapore... I found other travel contest at and I hope to win free trips also! cheers!! :D


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