One Blogging Nation: The 2009 Philippine Blog Awards

It was yet another exciting evening as more than a hundred bloggers from Metro Manila and in some parts of Luzon flocked to the PETA Theatre in Quezon City. It's the 3rd year of the Philippine Blog Awards and as promised by its hardworking organizers, this year will be bigger than ever before!
I'm sure it will be as last night was just the first of three legs of the Awards Nights. The second will be at the Ayala City Sports in Cebu City and the 3rd will be at the Pearlmond Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City. This year, you can really say that the PBA will be able to reach the bloggers in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao!

Allow me to share with you the list of winners for the Luzon leg:

Best Technology Blog - JaypeeOnline//Blogging News & Reviews
Best Travel Blog - Langyaw
Best Entertainment Blog - Lessons from the School of Inattention
Best Personal Blog - Writing on Air
Best Family & Living Blog - Make or Break
Best News & Media Blog - Virtual Journals
Best Business Blog - Negosyo Ideas
Best Sports Blog - Fire Quinito
Best Hobby & Recreation Blog - Bearbrick Love
Best Fashion Blog - who is elyoo?
Best Photo Blog - I am a Documentary Photographer
Best Culture & Arts Blog -
Best Commentary Blog - The Marocharim Experiment
Best Videocast -
Best Podcast - Brink Notes Entertainment Daily
Best Humor Blog - The Professional Heckler
Best Gaming Blog - Mike Got Game!
Best Advocacy Blog - Autism Society Philippines
Best Beauty Blog - The Doctor is vaIN

and of course, my favorite category of all, Best Food & Beverage Blog (where, incidentally, I was also chosen as a finalist) the awards goes to one of my favorite food blog....

Table for Three, Please!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the finalists and winners of this year's Philippine Blog Awards!

Check out some photos taken by my PBA date a.k.a. lil sister below:

our host, RJ Ledesma

Jayvee and Ericka

Frannywanny with fellow bloggers Wendy, Jayvee (and Knox), Sophie and Jaymee

thank you dear readers! *hug hug hug*

See you again next year! :)

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