Falling in love for the Third Time : IKEA @ Alexandra

We arrived a little before lunch at Singapore and after getting word that we can't check into our hotel rooms yet, Paul and I have decided to begin our Living lah Singapore adventure right there and then.

First stop was at IKEA along Alexandra road.

Upon hearing that I wanted to go to IKEA, Paul suddenly panicked thinking that I will be lugging a huge home furniture on our flight home. I assured him that I was really after the food after hearing a lot of raves from friends and colleagues.

So following the directions given by friendly locals, we took the escalator up to the second floor and followed the crowd that finally led us to the IKEA Restaurant!

There was a long line and there were hardly any table available, not wanting to give up, I grabbed Paul's hand and led him towards the end of the line as we browsed through the menu while waiting. Of course, being in Singapore means enjoying the efficiency of its workers. In less than two minutes we have reached the serving area where we had to get our own trays and grab our own drinks, salads and/or desserts from the chiller.

For lunch, we decided to share on their best-selling Fish with Chive Sauce (SGD 5.50 / $3.90 / Php. 187) and the much-talked-about Swedish Meatballs (SGD 6.50 / $4.60 / Php. 221).

Finally, we were able to secure a table by the play area where a lot of tiny tots are happily socializing amongst themselves.

The Fish with Chive Sauce came with a generous serving of crunchy french fries. While the fish tasted a bit bland, we remedied this by grabbing a bottle of tomato ketchup from the condiment station. I love dipping the fries on chive sauce though. I find the price reasonable as one order gives you three huge dory fillets, lots of fries and a slice of fresh lemon. While nothing beats Fish and Co's Fish and Chips, IKEA's version was still worth the try especially during Fridays when this is the highlighted dish.

Our second dish was a winner.

True to the raves given by friends, Paul and I enjoyed our 10 pieces of Swedish Meatballs that came with boiled potatoes and a scoop of strawberry lingonberry jam. Initially, I really didn't get the connection of the jam with the meatballs but after adding a thin spread of strawberry jam onto my meatball then I realized that the sweet fruity taste gave a different twist to this savory dish. I love it!

It's no wonder that people chooses to patiently wait in line in order to enjoy IKEA's delectable dishes. We quickly finished our lunch to be able to roam around the store and drool over the beautiful home accessories and furnishings. Paul actually fell in love with their sample condo unit set-ups particularly the one for a 22sqm. space. It's amazing that you can actually have a beautiful bedroom, a functional kitchen and a comfy looking living room even in a tiny space!

Looks like I will be back at IKEA Singapore SOON!!

IKEA Alexandra is located at 317 Alexandra Road, Singapore.

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