Going "O, Wow!" with Oishi!

Look what greeted me the moment I stepped into our house the morning that I arrived from Beijing, China!

It was a six-foot tall box that simply has the phrase "O, Wow!" in front. Our helpers were so excited as they have been wondering for days what was inside. As you open the tiny square hole, this apparently is the magical access to close to a hundred of Oishi assorted snacks! From my favorite Kirei to Pillows; to what most 80s kids love munching on, the Prawn Crackers, to the new Baked Potato Fries and a lot more! Everyone in the house excitedly sorted out the bags of chips as Paul and I packed them into tiny plastics to share with my in laws (especially the two kids), my grandparents and of course to my ever reliable helpers, driver and our beloved Manang. This truly placed everyone in a happy mood as they all exclaimed "o(h), wow!" as they got their bags of Oishi goodies!

Just a week ago, I attended the launch of Oishi's Oh, Wow campaign as they introduced their new endorser. Hidden somewhere in the venue, the endorser gave several clues about him and after which the audience got more and more Oishi products bundled with a special gift. I could hardly carry all those goodies back to the car!

Perhaps, due to my growing interest in local celebrities, I immediately was able to guess that the new Oishi endorser was no other than Elmo Magalona! The 6th (of 8) kid of Francis and Pia's beautiful family. This campaign is simple, it highlights those happy, memorable moments wherein you stumble into a great surprise that makes you exclaimed "o, wow!" I got to admit that happens a lot and it never fails to brighten up our day.

Oishi, now a booming global food company, continues to play a big role in our lives. Almost everyone grew up eating Oishi's products thus it truly is a household name. As they continue to introduce more items, this allows their consumers to create their own, unique o, wow moments too!

The heat may be killing us this summer but stay cool and happy with a bag of Oishi goodies such as the refreshing Smart C+, a box of Cheezy Wafu sticks and more!

Thank you Oishi for the wonderful surprise! O, wow!

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