Sa Kanto at the Podium Mall

Hello April!

Time seems to be zooming by so fast this 2012! I can still remember how Paul and I welcomed the New Year with lots of sweet round fruits and a bowl of noodles with my in laws. Now we're a few months away from my birthday which means we're nearing the middle of the year! Hold on 2012, don't go by so fast as I'm definitely having a blast!

Back when Paul and I were still university students, we look forward to the summer break as this means we can hang out more often than usual during the school year. Summer break means impromptu road trips, afternoon movie marathons complete with a bag of popcorn and soda, and quick trips to the mall. On days when we just want to laze around the house and eat, we would excitedly wait for the mid-afternoon where we would go around our neighborhood in search of some yummy street foods!

To be honest, I grew up never having a taste of street food. With my Dad who gives so much importance to hygiene, my sister and I were firmly told that we were forbidden to buy from the street vendors outside school. Oh how we enviously watch our friends enjoy some dirty ice cream, fried fish balls, cups of taho (tofu with syrup and sago) and a lot more! Finally, when I reached college, Dad became more lenient and just allowed me to buy provided I take full responsibility for my health. Still, I proceeded with caution but celebrated with a plate of fish balls from the famous Mamang Fish Ball who told us to just call him "Jabar" no idea why though but we complied. I will never forget that day wherein I had my first stick of fish ball covered with sweet sauce. It was the day that I fell in love with our local street food and I never turned my back from it since.

However, I got to admit, every single time I take a bite of street food, I say a little prayer that my tummy won't go wild. How I wish there's a place for me to be able to enjoy plates of local street food without the fear looming over my head.

Welcome to Sa Kanto.

kanto 1

A few months ago, Paul and I visited Sa Kanto which is owned and operated by the same group as Borough and Il Ponticello. Together with some members of The Food Club, we were given the chance to try some of their best-sellers. We had a feast that night but what really made our meal memorable were the plates of street foods now made available in a cleaner environment.

kanto 2

We began with some Crispy Crablets that were deep fried to perfection that we just dip it into the bowl of vinegar and munch away. It's important to keep these crablets crunchy and crispy as the shell can really hurt then you bite on it the wrong way.

kanto 3

This was followed by my personal favorite guilty indulgence -- Chicharon Bulaklak (Fried Pork Intestines). I must have went way beyond my calorie quota for the day week but believe me, take one piece of this and I'm sure you'll find it so hard to stop.

kanto 6

We also had Kwek-Kwek which are deep-fried quail eggs. Another calorific dish so proceed with great caution. Remember that 3 pieces of quail eggs are equivalent to one piece of chicken egg. Have a dozen of these and say hello to Lipitor! I just tried a piece and I'd say it tasted just like how it does in the street.

kanto 7

While still enjoying my plate of Chicharon Bulaklak, out came a plate of Fish balls on Stick. This is why I love the Philippines. Where else can you find fish balls made so flat and when deep-fried, it turns so crispy and totally addicting. You get to choose which type of sauce you'd like to dip this in. I always go for the sweet sauce while Paul loves his stick of fish balls with the sweet-spicy blend.

kanto 5

Lastly, we had the Isaw which are chicken intestines on stick. Not really a fan of this as I find some to be so grainy. I just had half a stick of this.

kanto 9

Sa Kanto is a fun place to hang out with friends. They have a lot of dishes for sharing. They also offer all sorts of cocktails, mocktails and alcoholic drinks too that goes so well with the street foods. Fellow blogger Abet and Paul enjoyed their glasses of cocktails that evening!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

To have your fill of your favorite street food, head out to Sa Kanto at the Ground Floor of the Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

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