Sunrise Buckets at The Grove by Rockwell in C5

There are just some things that I don't think I'll ever get tired of eating...ever-- nachos, cheese, pasta, sushi and buffalo wings. These are my comfort food of choice that I just love to indulge on after a crazy day at work. While there are a lot of restaurants that specializes in buffalo wings, only a few has really made the cut and in my book, this includes Sunrise Buckets.

sunrise buckets
I've previously mentioned how I first learned about and was able to try Sunrise Buckets up until the time wherein they finally opened their first store in Madison Square which prompted Paul and I to pay them a visit a few months after. Fast forward to 2012, we were invited to their second branch at Rockwell's newest development in Pasig called The Grove. It's located right across Tiendesitas and is along C5.

sunrise buckets 5
hmm.. a bucket for my sister?

Together with friends Richard and Irene, we got to The Grove ready to chow down buckets after buckets of Buffalo Wings! Since there were four of us, we agreed to order a bucket each and share this amongst ourselves. That way we get to try four flavors at a time. Our first batch of wings comprises of: Sunrise Original, Bourbon, Honey Mustard and Smokin' BBQ.
sunrise buckets 1
All flavors were delicious as I happily munched on the tender meat and cleaned the bones out till they were sparkling clean. However, I personally enjoyed the Sunrise Original and the Smokin' BBQ the most. The Bourbon had a sweet flavor which was pretty okay but it was the two flavors mentioned earlier that have left a lasting memory for me.

sunrise buckets 6
In between wings, we also got to have a few pieces of Crispy Onion Rings and Fries. The fries were quite ordinary but we all loved the Crispy Onion Rings especially dipped in sweet tomato ketchup. Yum!

sunrise buckets 7
We also ordered a platter of Nachos with Cheese to share too! The chips were crisp and lightly salted which was a perfect match to the cheese dip.

After finishing our four buckets of wings, we wanted to try more. Thus, our second batch comprised of a bucket of Hickory and Juan's each. For the Sunrise Buckets newbie, there are 15 flavors to choose from and these are further divided into three categories: Awesome (Flavors made for Manila's taste), Wipeout (Flavors inspired from Canada and the USA) and Cloud 9 (Unique flavors for Sunrise Buckets). We made sure to try a couple from each category and I noticed that my favorites were mostly from the Awesome and Wipeout categories. We were told that they are pretty known for the Hickory flavor and after having a taste of this flavor, I now know why. I'm sure every Sunrise Buckets fan will agree with me that the Hickory has the perfect mix of sweet and salty which makes it more addicting to have one wing after the other.
sunrise buckets 2
I just love this signage! :) Flipflops RULE! 

Visit Sunrise Buckets at The Grove by Rockwell along C5, Pasig City. Call them at 0915-9386192.

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