Summer Getaway at Pico de Loro, Hamilo Coast

It's summer and with the temperature hitting close to 35 degrees Celsius, the need to hit the beach to cool down really sounds like a great idea every single day. Couple this with a glass of ice-cold mango shake and a good book -- this is exactly how I love spending summer here in the Philippines.

Thus, the invite to have a relaxing weekend getaway with my family at Pico de Loro came just at the right time. As everyone's back from their respective trips, we post-celebrated my sister's birthday at this beautiful cove south of Metro Manila. It has been a while since my family has been out on a trip. How I miss those times when we would frequent Tagaytay whenever a 3-day weekend comes around. Papa just loves the cool weather as he would leisurely sit by our favorite hotel's balcony while reading his daily newspaper and sipping his cup of coffee. I'm glad we're all back on the road for another fun family trip!

pico de loro 1
Pico de Loro is part of Hamilo Coast which is located at Nasugbu, Batangas -- a good 3-hour drive away or 114km from Manila. There are actually two ways to get to Hamilo Coast. First is to take the route that we did -- we drove all the way to Tagaytay passing through Caleruega and passing through Tali Beach, Punta Fuego and finally hitting the entrance of Hamilo Coast/Pico de Loro. It's not hard finding the way as there are a lot of signages leading the way. There are a couple of ups, downs and slight zigzags so be sure to bring a good engine-powered automobile to make driving a breeze.

Another way is via ferry boat from the SM Mall of Asia which will take you to Pico de Loro in 90 minutes. This is definitely shorter (70km) but given that I might get seasick, we opted to take the longer route while having stopovers every now and then.

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We headed to Pico Sands Hotel where we will be staying that evening. Since we're a group of 5, we opted to get two rooms. Paul and I got the Superior Room while my parents and Pan got the Premier Room. To make it easier for us to communicate, the front desk officer kindly gave us adjacent rooms! There are 5 room types in the hotel including a Standard room, a Corner Deluxe room and a Penthouse Suite.

I believe that walk-ins are not allowed at Pico Sands Hotel, one has either to be a member or be a guest of a member with proper endorsements. As you check-in, you will be given a folio card where all your expenses (food, activities, etc) will be charged. This was very convenient as I requested for 5 folio cards for us and it made it easy for any one of us to avail of the amenities or to order food anytime. All balances were settled upon check-out. 

pico de loro 4
As we entered our rooms, the first thing that I noticed was that both rooms were very spacious. I was teasing my sister that she can actually stay with me and Paul as I pointed at the empty floor space beside our bed.
pico de loro 3
All rooms have a flat screen TV, a study table, a bathroom with a pretty rain shower head. I think this must be the trend nowadays as most of the hotels that I've stayed in has this type of shower head. My only complain was the non-existence of a bidet. Come on, hotel developers, this should be considered a hygiene necessity!

pico de loro 2
Here's the Premiere room where my parents and sister stayed in. The room has two queen size bed so my lucky sister got this huge bed all to herself! The amenities are all the same as well as the toiletries that were provided to us.

Our rooms have the view of the mountain (and the parking lot) which aren't as picturesque as probably opposed to the sea view. I personally didn't mind as I was out of the room most of the time but for someone like my Mom, she would have loved a sea view room instead.

pico de loro 8
The hotel is very new and clean. I love the brightly lit corridors as well as the vast greens that surrounds the hotel. Of course, the hotel is very accessible as its just a few minutes away to the Beach Club and just a few steps away from the Country Club. Shuttling around the area can be done by riding one of the many electric vans that goes around picking up and dropping off guests all day long.

pico de loro spa 2
After having our dinner, my sister and I decided to get a massage at the Rain Spa. Poor Paul was nursing a bad cold so he opted to just stay in bed and watch some movies instead. Pan and I both got the one-hour massage at the couples room.
pico de loro spa 4
Before I talk about our massage, let me tell you about the room -- it was HUGE! With a jacuzzi and a steam bath inside. It was so comfy that Pan and I wish we can just stay here longer.

pico de loro spa 3
It was raining pretty hard that evening so amidst the pitter-patter of the rain on the glass windows, we dozed off to la-la-land as our trained therapists kneaded out our tense, tired muscles away. It was truly relaxing and definitely a must-try should you decide to visit Pico Sands Hotel.

pico de loro 6
There are a lot more things you can do here at Hamilo Coast! Just check this checklist out that comes with the room keys! One weekend is truly not enough to relax and have fun. 

In my next entry, I'll give you a virtual tour around Hamilo Coast and the numerous activities and food options that awaits you there! :)

Pico Sands Hotel is located at Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas. For inquiries call the Club Membership Admin Office at 8570100 local 1232.
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